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Accellta wanted to produce a light-hearted, factual animated video that would clearly explain their competencies in improving the speed and efficiency of stem cell culturing. They had an exciting message to share with PHDs and business development managers, and what they required was an engaging medium to express it quickly and effectively. The client also desired a video that would act as a tool in forming partnerships with pharma companies who could make use of their stem cell technology.

Not only did the client want their animated video to raise awareness of their stem cell culturing technologies, but they also wanted to explain the many benefits of this new technology against conventional ones. Among the messages to convey were: significantly reduced costs, less waste, the finest solution for 3D expansion of pluripotent stem cells, and enabling the robust expansion of stem cells in a cost effective manner.

The topic of stem cell culturing can be complex, and the client wanted to highlight all the key characteristics of their technology as simply and attractively as possible. This is where we planned to make expressive use of a range of illustrations and animation techniques, in a move to retain viewers’ attention to the end of the video.


Welcoming viewers with inspiring music, bold graphics and a clear introduction into what Accellta does, the video draws viewers in from the start. Our writing team got to work on creating an explanatory and inspiring script that was harmonised with eye-catching visuals and would draw viewers in. Our team presented Accellta’s new stem cell culturing technology in a vibrant way that expresses the many advantages of this revolution from 2D to 3D production of stem cells. This is done not only using words, but also supportive illustrations and motion graphics, which often say so much more than words. A scene of animated cells on a production line represents the efficient, high-yield culturing of stem cells, while the suggestion of a 3D printed heart was illustrated in seconds. These are just a couple of ways that animation facilitated clear, engaging explanations in this video.

The Accellta message involved complex scientific information as well as key information about the company, its competencies and its vision for the future. With a combination of energetic voiceover, music, and creative animation techniques, our team were able to express a very detailed message in just a couple of minutes. The end video is one that will capture attention on the company website, Vimeo, YouTube, conferences, internal meetings and industry blogs.


Testimonial coming soon.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Animated representation of biological cells
  • Concept Creation
  • Professional Voiceovers
  • Motion Graphics

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