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We specialise in producing compelling 3D animations which truly resonate with their audience. Our approach combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking and creativity so that the animations we produce engage, inspire and exceed expectations.

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More About 3D Animation

When you incorporate a video into your business strategy, you naturally want to ensure it makes the best possible impression on your viewers.

Depending on the purpose of the video, the profiles of your target audience and the time and budget you have available, 3D animation can really be a great solution.

As well as in blockbuster movies, television shows and computer games, 3D animation is widely used by marketers, architects, engineers, product designers and many more industry specialists that require images that are realistic and to-scale.

With 3D animation, virtual worlds can be created with ‘live’ characters and objects. So if your objective is to create a virtual prototype of a new product; to show off plans for a new building; or you want something that looks and behaves in a realistic way, then 3D animation is likely to be your best option!

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3D is one of the most effective styles of animation to showcase products and ideas with visual detail. In addition to its extensive use within the engineering, pharmaceutical, product design and construction sectors it is also rising in popularity as a preference to create commercials and explainer videos for consumers. This is due to the depth and sense of high production value that 3D animation can deliver. This can incite feelings of trust from viewers and also help to create a wow factor.

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3D Animations: The Benefits

Summarises Messages

When it comes to summarising complex ideas, concepts and messages with visuals and audio, 3D animation is hard to beat. One of these videos can pack a huge amount of information in a very short amount of time.

The world has become increasingly fast-paced and with so much marketing material and other content vying for our attention, we have become more selective in what we engage in. Executive professionals, company heads and consumers often have little time or patience for watching or reading something that takes too long to get to the point. This issue can often be resolved with ease by a well-produced 3D animation.

A 3D animated video combines detailed images with supporting audio so that a message can be transferred far more quickly than with online text, still images or paper documents. Animated video also helps to share a message in a clear and harmonised way so that viewers get a deep understanding of the topic at hand.

Grabs Audience Attention Effectively

3D animations work well in bringing textbook formulae, e.g. AIDA, or the Hierarchy Effects models, to life. Prioritising audience attention is key when trying to share a message.

3D animations can hook the audience and keep them focused with various elements of realism, e.g. a detailed, scaled image; a supporting sound effect, dynamic representations of time, CGI effects, etc.

If information is presented in an entertaining concept or story, this can help to make it both captivating and memorable. Emotional appeals can also help to make your video one of those that people choose to continue watching to the end.

Boosts Brand Interest

3D animation can make your business stand out and be remembered for its uniqueness. Animation allows you a great deal of creativity and imagination so you can present an original video with a focused brand message.

If your video is widely watched and shared, certain elements can become known synonymously with your brand. Some aspects, such as logos, characters and phrases can then be used in other supporting content, such as websites, brochures or marketing. If this is associated with a positive image, this can boost your brand immeasurably. Many businesses have attained a lot of success through the use of memorable 3D motion graphics and animated characters, and yours can do the same.

Inform and Explain

An animated explainer video is a fantastic way to encourage a sale. If there are tangible differences between your product and that of competitors then you can explain these in an engaging way. Any logical factors that make your offering stand out can be highlighted.

This could also include information about company culture, brand ethics and values. An animated video can integrate several pieces of key information into a short and high-impact video.

Educating and Training

3D animated videos are a fantastic teaching tool – whether for a class of university students, school children, web users or a group of employees. Internal communications that can be made clear and memorable with 3D animation include health and safety procedures and job training. This can not only help to prepare your workforce, but it can also increase motivation levels.

3D videos are imaginative, highly engaging and easy to follow, which makes them ideal for teaching. Your innovation and creativity can also make the information highly memorable so that it is retained by viewers. This form of educating can be far more efficient – students will pass exams, and employees will be highly productive.

Many schools and universities are already using 3D animated videos to teach students, while museums are also utilising them to engage and educate visitors, young and old.Part of the value of 3D animated videos arises from their ability to appeal to an entire class or group, irrespective of diverse learning preferences. This is because visuals and audio presented allow information to be processed and remembered in a variety of ways.

Why Choose Spiel for your 3D animation needs?

  • We are experts in 3D animation and our top priorities are quality, client satisfaction and a high-impact finalised product.
  • Our research shows that our prices are below the industry average for the quality of work we produce.
  • We have a unique developmental approach which is based on the latest marketing insights in user engagement, conversion rate optimisation and video marketing.
  • Our case studies serve as proof of the remarkable success we have achieved for our clients.
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