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Animating your logo can add that extra spark to it, resulting in increased brand awareness and recall. At Spiel, our logo animation service involves deep strategic thinking so that our proposed solution is consistent with our clients brand identity and goals.

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More About Animated Logos

Animated logos are attention-grabbers!

A brand logo is not just an icon or an identifier – it encapsulates your brand ethos and values – which are the principles or philosophy behind the products and services your business provides.

Therefore, a logo is not just an ornamental decoration to go on your website; it represents your business. It can be used as a header and footer on your sales and business documents, in presentations,on your website, as well as in explainer videos.

Here at Spiel, we can design static logos or animated logos which involve movement. We can even take your existing static logo and work out the best way to bring it to life, taking into account your company ethos and target audience.

Animated logos are wooing businesses over because they significantly strengthen brand awareness and recognition. When you have a strong brand message, why not take advantage of this simple tool to share it with the world?

Animated Logos: The Advantages

Far-Reaching Use

You can make your business stand out in the crowds and masses with an animated logo. There are various uses across mediums, including on the internet, on documents, and at exhibitions.

Business presentations and documentation can be made to look more professional and attractive when they feature a crisp and creative logo for your company. Your website can also be improved with the use of an eye-catching animated logo, as can animated videos, social networking sites, brochures and content at trade fairs and exhibitions.

You could also use the logo as a background or wallpaper for your company smartphones and computers. Your logo will form part of your brand image so that whenever anyone sees it they automatically associate it with your brand’s principles and offerings.

An Inspiring Welcome

A logo provides a creative welcome to users of any of your content. It can therefore present a first impression of your business.

A simple logo, or one that innovatively tells visitors something about the company are great for attracting attention and encouraging potential customers to browse your content for a little longer.

The use of colour in your logo could tell consumers something about your company – for example, green is often associated with environmentally friendly operations; while black, red and yellow stripes may suggest a link with Germany. An image or the formation of an image with creative text can also be significant. A windmill can simply show that your company provides renewable energy, for example.

For start-up companies, a clear and attractive first impression like this can make all the difference. It can provide a positive entrance into the market where consumers take notice of your brand and offering even ahead of established competition.

Ensuring your animated logo makes a big impact on your audiences requires a considerable amount of creative, productive and insightful effort. This is where collaborating with a professional animation studio like Spiel can be a great help. Consisting of a team of designers, digital content experts and marketing professionals, we can create a logo that brings your company fantastic returns.

Innovatively Express Brand Image

Your animated logo could be fun and quirky; cute and colourful; or clean and sophisticated. It is totally up to you what style, tone and image you wish to put across with your logo.

When used online, it could even come with a sound and a motion – for example a “whoosh”sound as your logo falls across the screen, or a “bounce” sound as it hits the bottom of the page.

Your animated logo can be entirely original, so that you can convey the unique qualities of your brand and business. A variety of animation styles are available, including 2D and 3D images, or even animated characters.

Your brand or business logo can be big, medium or small, depending on what you deem suitable. The main factor to consider is that your animated logo is appealing, engaging and compatible with your business ethos and target audience.

Better Brand Awareness

When businesses review their marketing strategy, including their collateral, ethos and logos, they intend to make their brands more memorable. An animated logo can help to achieve this objective, as the uniqueness of your logo is your brand identifier.

Think of the logos that Intel and Microsoft have as examples. As consumers, we recognise them, remember them, identify with what their business is about and what products and services they provide. This is the sort of powerful impact that an animated logo can have on your business.

Increase Web Traffic

A fantastic logo will pull in more traffic to your website via social networks and Google searches, because the creativity would impress people and spike their curiosity to find out more about your business. This can also retain people on your sites for longer.

Improved Impact

An animated logo will only work if it makes an impact – a statement, if you will. Think of Yahoo! and we immediately know what this business is about, not just because of the quirky name, but also because of its colouring (the purple letters) and that all-important exclamation mark at the end!

An animated logo can make a strong impact at the start of an advert, as it could remind people of who you are, so that they stick around to watch. Placing you logo at the end of a video can also be effective as if it is pleasant it can inspire viewers to make a conversion.

Your animated logo can also liven up your presentations and social networks. No matter what purpose you intend to use an animated logo for, if well-designed and harmonised with your company’s operations and image, it is most certain to leave a positive impact.

Better Conversion Rates

Research has shown that an engaging animated image can significantly improve a website’s SEO and conversion rates.

High quality content helps your site rank highly in search engine searches, which is partly because such content retains visitors for longer. When people stay on your website for longer they will find out more about your brand and are likely to make a conversion.

There are a huge diversity of conversions that can be generated on your website or social networks, including enquiries and sales. The success rate of many business goals can be enhanced with the help of an innovative animated logo.

Why Choose Spiel

  • Our production team has the creativity, flair and experience to produce animated logos for large and small businesses in a wide range of industries.
  • Our digital marketing experts work in close collaboration with our production team to ensure the animated logos we create generate the desired outcome for your business.
  • We communicate closely with our clients before starting work on our designs, to ensure we have a deep knowledge of the brand image, voice and message required. We can then present an animated logo that provides the greatest impact for your needs.
  • Our price for an animated logo is below the industry average.
  • We let our work do the talking!
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