Different Styles of Whiteboard Animation

Who would have thought that the principles of using a whiteboard to convey and communicate ideas, concepts, processes and models would become an electronic video marketing tool?

Furthermore, who would have thought that whiteboard animation would have its very own list of different styles too?

Well, whether you thought it would or not, the fact remains that yes, whiteboard animation is a great marketing and communications tool and it comes in four different styles. 

Let us describe to you what these are...

The RSA Animate Style

The very concept of whiteboard animation caught on after the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) introduced a new festival called “RSA Animate” as one of their free public fairs in 2009.

The festivals germinated from the idea of visualizing lectures given by key speakers so that audiences based around the world would not only be able to stay abreast of the lectures, but also understand them more effectively with the help of audio-visual aesthetics.

These videos grew increasingly popular with marketers soon realising the business potential these videos could have.

An RSA-style video would have the lecturer’s voice recording being played in the background as an animator would write and draw the text and images simultaneously.

This creative synergy enhances clarity for the viewers who are then able to process what is being communicated to them far more effectively.

Since then, more and more businesses have taken to getting a whiteboard animation made using the ‘RSA-Style’ to boost audience engagement levels and brand awareness.

The Explainer Whiteboard Animation Style

As the name itself suggests, an explainer video is one that explains something to the audience.

Whether it is about a product and service, or a message, or an idea, or a concept; whether it is something tangible or intangible, an explainer video (also known as an ‘explanatory’ video) covers it all when the whiteboard animation style is used to make it.

You can use your explainer video to provide a more rounded and comprehensive overview of what your business does to your target audience.

You can save your audience the hassle from scrolling through copious amounts of text on a webpage, i.e. assuming if they are going to read it in the first place!

You could save your own time by not having to explain something again and again thanks to an explainer video that is made using the whiteboard animation style.

The Video Scribing Style

If you have something complex but important to communicate to your target audience or to the world at large, using the video scribing style to make your whiteboard animation would be something to consider.

This is because with video scribing, the scribe’s (i.e. the artist or animator) hand is visibly shown to write and draw text and images that bring the video to life.

This not only impresses viewers but also helps them stay engaged and remember the information being communicated to them.

While many find reading a static webpage tedious, let alone trying to remember the information on there, watching a whiteboard animation, using video scribing resolves this issue.

Animated doodling is another style of animation that is very similar to video scribing and is also used to make whiteboard animations.