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Some Commonly Asked Questions

What are Infographics?

Infographics (also known as Information Graphics) is a term used to describe graphic visual representation of information, knowledge or data. The graphics involved present highly complex information in a neat and concise way. Information graphics are used to represent information formats such as maps, signs, technical writing, journalism, education and so on. Using infographics, different professionals such as statisticians, computer scientists and mathematicians can develop as well as communicate various concepts by using a symbol to process the information. In today's world, information graphics are used in published works, the media, road signs, manuals and so on. They are used to illustrate information and act as a form of visual shorthand representing information that would be difficult or unwieldy to present in text form.

What is the relationship between infographics and businesses?

Many companies aim at generating web traffic as well as creating brand awareness. Information graphics are ideal for these purposes. For example: suppose you have conducted a research and want to present the research findings to the public. Infographics would be ideal for this purpose instead of just plain numbers and text. The infographics compress lots of information in a neat and visually appealing format that is also easy-to-understand. Most people are rather impatient at processing numbers and numerical information. Information presented as infographics is not only easy-to-digest but is a lot more likely to be retained by the viewer. As a way of presenting complex information, information graphics are unparalleled.

What are information graphics used for?

Info Graphics have been used by man for a long time but in modern times, they have their widest use in online marketing. This is due to the fact that Info Graphics help to drive various inbound links to a website, thus making the website better search engine- optimized and improving its ranking in search engine results. But this is not the only role played by Info Graphics. An Infographics design agency, such as Spiel, will also creatively use Info Graphics for its clients for various purposes such as brand building, resumes, product launches and so on. The demand for and use of Info Graphics will continue to expand due to their versatility. When you visit Spiel, an animations company and Info Graphics design agency, we will give you a comprehensive picture of how you can use Info Graphics to market your company and its products online.

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More About Infographics

At Spiel we are great fans of Infographics. We believe Infographics are at the forefront of effective visual communications today and so, we have now built a full-fledged, professionally run Infographics design team who aim to create reasonably priced Infographic designs for use on your company website, blog, print materials etc.

But before we get into greater detail on what we can offer, if you are still wondering what Infographics are and what do they really do then, let us give you a brief introduction.

The term 'infographic', also known as 'Info graphic' or 'Information Graphic'; literally means the representation of information, data or knowledge in a graphic or pictorial form. As the age old adage goes 'a picture is worth a thousand words', often it is much easier to represent complex information in an easily understandable and visually pleasing graphic than it is through written text. The most familiar example of this is the London Tube map. Can you imagine conveying precise information about the complex London underground network without the iconic spider map? This example clearly shows you the true power of Infographics. Millions of people refer to it every day and many other cities world over have now created their own versions of this spider map.

Today Info graphics are more popular than ever before as they serve a dual purpose of representing your information visibly as well as helping improve your internet presence. Info graphics are commonly being used to represent statistical data, process data, planning data etc. On the internet they have a special attraction as unique Info graphics quickly become popular and are often reused on various blogs, websites etc.

When your Info graphic gets used by an independent blog or website it serves to bring further traffic back to your website, thus driving up both interest and traffic to your website. Addition of a picture to your web page or article not only makes them more interesting to your reader, it also helps push up your search ranking on various search engines. Google for example looks very favourably at relevant multimedia content so the use of Info graphics enables you to improve your search ranking and therefore your online visibility.

Now how do you start creating your own Information graphics? The average IT guy in your office may not be able to create a successful Information graphic for you, as the creation of Information graphics is both an art and a science. You will need the support of both artistic and technical skills to create successful Information graphics. Specialised software may also be needed to create a genuinely unique beautiful Information graphic. The only way to get this done right is to approach a good Infographics design agency.

Spiel is a London based Infographics design agency which today is at the forefront infographic design creation in the UK. It specialises in the creation of Infographics for any purpose including corporate websites, corporate materials, websites, blogs etc. We create and deliver both art and data driven Infographics. Spiel is also an Infographic design agency which has a proven track record in the creation of highly effective Info graphics. We have a fully equipped professionally managed team of Information graphic specialists. We can produce Infographics for any purpose and can also help you create a relevant concept.

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