Producing A 2D Animation Explainer Video

2D animation is all about creatively applying colour, characterization, dialogue, text, shapes, lettering and music to communicate messages to your target audiences.

While in the past, 2D animations have been used to entertain and educate younger audiences, in more recent times, 2D animation is used to help market businesses and boost internal communications, via explainer videos.

An explainer video is a video that explains something. Whether it is a product or service, or a complex message, or something educational and informative, an explainer video could serve these purposes very well indeed.

So, when you synergise the dynamism of 2D animation with the engaging powers of an explainer video, you have got yourself a competent marketing tool.

This article describes relevant factors for you to consider when producing an explainer video using 2D animation.


A script is the heart of a great explainer video. It is the basis on which the whole video pans out and which the production team use as their main reference point for producing the explainer video.

Similar to telling a story, a well-written script would have a beginning, middle and ending, would be coherent and comprehensible.

If you are using 2D animation to make your explainer video, you could also include characters and shapes, making them expressive by giving them dialogue.

These enhance clarity, especially when the message you aim to convey is complex in nature.


Getting the deadlines allocated would obviously help yourselves and the production team stay focused and organised.

Even more obvious would be sticking to the deadlines set.

By keeping communications regular and clear between yourselves and the production team, you should be able to effectively tackle deadlines and any other issues which may crop up during the production cycle.


Who is the explainer video for? What purpose is the explainer video going to serve? What are the preferences of your target audience likely to be?

All these factors would help you tailor your explainer video to ensure that it engages your target audience in the most effective ways possible.


Similar to the way memorable advertisements work, making your explainer video memorable in the minds of your target audience is something you could consider.

If you are looking to strengthen your brand presence then making the most of the aesthetic appeal which 2D animation has could be the way forward.

As consumers, we remember advertisements by their brand characters (Kellogg’s cereals, for example), or dialogue, emotion, mood, theme used (e.g. fear, humour, shock, drama, surprise, etc.).

The same approach could be used when producing your explainer video using 2D animation.


Being forceful does not always work.

For instance, how many times do we, as consumers, feel annoyed by cold calls, or junk mail, or incessant requests to use/share/buy a product?

So, when adding calls to action, you may wish to strike a balance, i.e. not be so direct that it puts your audience off but also to not be hidden that the audience cannot find your contact details.

After all, the main reason you are investing in a 2D animation explainer video is to help you market your brand better, which would drum up more interest from the audience and bring with it the potential to boost sales.


There are numerous studies which suggest that the first 30-60 seconds of any online video is crucial because that is how long the attention of the viewer remains fully focused.

This is the time your video should convey the main points of your message and should be woven into the script accordingly.

Making sure the duration of the video is not so short that the audience does not know what the video is about and also not too long that bores them either!


While animated television commercials may cost quite a bit, if you are producing an animated explainer video for an online audience or for corporate training purposes, the price range is not as much.

If you have a small budget, then using 2D animation to make your explainer video could be suitable for you, depending on the length required and the complexity of the message that needs to be conveyed to your target audience.


Would you prefer to include your brand colours, logo, motto and other branding material into your 2D animation explainer video or would you rather not?

Either way works well it just depends on what your preferences are.


Would you prefer a voiceover artist narrate from a script that adds further clarity to what your video is all about?

Or would you prefer to use text that sprawls across the animation which viewers would then read off as it appears?

Again, either ways works well; it depends on what you would like to have.

By using 2D animation in your explainer video, you could also get your characters to ‘speak’ and interact with the audience making it even more engaging.


When selecting an animation company, you may wish to focus on whether the company understands your business goals and shows that it has the capacity to deliver your 2D animation explainer video.

In this way, you can both ensure to get the final product made to your satisfaction.

Happy Animating! :-)