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Looking for a creative agency to produce a great animation for your product? We do just the thing! Our approach combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking and creativity so that our product animations stand out and meet their underlying objectives.

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Some Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I choose your studio for my product animation?

We have a proven track record for producing high quality and appealing product animations that achieve ROIs beyond the expectations of our clients.

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What are the benefits of product animations for businesses?

Some of the benefits of animated product videos include improved promotion and presentation of new and existing products. This can generate a better brand image and increased conversions. There are also plenty more benefits to product animations, which you can read about above.

Do you have experience ofmaking videos for clients in my industry?

We have industry-specialised scriptwriters, along with producers and designers who have many years of experience in their field of expertise. We have worked with companies of all types and our digital marketing specialists help us to always optimise our videos online, no matter what industry they are for. We have successfully made animated videos for a broad range of industries, including retail, education, medical, construction, entertainment and many more.

How much does a product animation cost?

A high quality product animation can cost you just £2,500. The cost of your unique video will of course depend on the complexity of the script and the time required to make it.

At Spiel, our costs are below the industry average and we produce a high quality of work so that you receive a high ROI.

What next?

Drop our team a line on 020 8891 2077, or email us and one of our producers will get back to you to discuss your requirements. We look forward to being of service!

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More About Product Animations

Do you have a fantastic product that you can’t wait to tell potential customers all about?

Maybe you’ve been trying to market the benefits but are in need of a more innovative and captivating tool.

Well, animated video is the perfect way to promote products of various kinds!

In fact, animation is also ideal for showing product ideas that don’t yet exist. If you have a new offering in mind, then this can be the best way to present it to clients.

Product animations are being used in industries from technology to construction. Animation allows features to be shown, demonstrated and explained clearly and engagingly.

With imagination and the variety of techniques at hand, there’s no limit to what can be achieved.

2D animation with motion graphics and split screens can help to explain and demonstrate product features in an attractive and simplistic way. Meanwhile, a full 3D image can be highly valuable to the architecture and product design industries.

Product Animations: Beneficial Features


Animated videos are being increasingly used to capture attention in sales presentations and on the web. Documents and other comparatively tedious content can often stop people being inspired to learn about your product.

If your target market isn’t drawn to your content, they will not find out about your unique product. Animation can reach out to any audience and give them all key information.

Clear and Efficient

Animated product animations can describe and promote a product far more efficiently than text or live video. The visual and audio appeal of animation can tell viewers all about a product quickly and simply.

If the object you are explaining is highly detailed, you can simplify the relevant sections in an animated video.

Many techniques can be used to describe how a product is constructed or used in a step-by-step way. For example, additional sections of the product can gradually be added to the overall animated picture. To make a comparison, you could use a split screen – this could help to show viewers how to correctly use a product. Movement, arrows and text can help to illustrate the narrative here.

Show Detailed Features

Animation is inimitable when it comes to presenting complex objects. Whole products, or parts of them, can be scaled up or down to make them clearer, and features can be simplified.

You can show the same product with all its elements in full glory and again with only specific features highlighted. The rest of the object can be transformed to a block of colour or it could fade into the background. This is more pleasant on the eye and makes explanation far easier.

If you have designed an innovative product that follows on from an existing one, you can explain comparisons and similarities using an animated product video. You can superimpose your features on to an existing object and this could be followed by an animated concept that shows the way that consumers can use your product.


Animation allows you to include dynamic content in your video. This not only involves products that may not exist in reality yet, but also changes in time, location etc.

The versatility, flexibility and imagination at hand with animation allows you to express your product in any way you please. You can show how it can benefit a user over hours or even months, or you can show its use in different places and circumstances.

3D Product Animations

A 3D animated product video can allow you to show your audience around a product, even if it is an enormous building, or it doesn’t even exist yet.

Due to these advantages, this form of animation is prolifically used by architects, civil engineers, park and city planners, product designers and even fashion designers.

Your animated video can take viewers on a tour of a structure or park gardens, whether they exist yet or not. Alternatively it could give a full view of a new and innovative piece of technology. This makes your product idea far easier to visualise.

Product Demonstration

3D animation can also be used to explain how a piece of complex equipment works. This could be anything from putting a tent together to using a mobile phone.

Often, these types of videos are valuable customer support tools. This can help to raise your brand image and increase brand loyalty.

A medical or scientific instrument can be described simply, as its use on bodily organs or to analyse bacterial samples could be shown with animated images. Many phenomena are difficult to show in live action video, and this is where 3D animated video can be very useful.

2D Product Animations

Simple product animations can often be best for appealing to a potential customer and inspiring them to find out more. These types of videos are less likely to overwhelm the viewer and cause them to lose focus or stop watching.

2D animation is great for creating minimalist yet descriptive explainer videos. A voiceover, on-screen text, movement and inspiring audio can help to market a product and explain its advantages.

Better Marketing and Branding

You are more likely to remember an animated product demonstration video than a ream of text right?

Particularly if you are promoting a product that does not yet exist, introducing it in an engaging and attractive way can make a huge difference to attention levels. This will raise brand awareness and people will be more likely to remember your product. This means that they may seek more information or even make a purchase.

Sales Presentations

When presenting a design or new product to potential clients, an animated product video can make all the difference to success levels.

Drawing your audience in with a positive image, attractive images and a captivating video will engage and interest them. When transfixed, they will learn far more than they would from just a speech.

An animated product video not only engages viewers but it also presents a great deal of information in a short space of time. This means you can share all key information quickly before your busy viewers decide to move on to something else.

By promoting your product efficiently and effectively with animated video, you will raise brand image, product awareness and are likely to inspire conversions.

Online Conversions

A high quality animated product video will be shared by web users across social networks and on websites. This can create valuable links for your website. It can also raise your brand identity and lead to a fantastic online presence and conversion rate optimisation.

When viewers watch your video, comment on it, share it, and spend a prolonged time on your site, this will raise your ranking in search engines. This can result in an ongoing increase in sales and other conversions.

Why Choose Spiel

  • We are a product animation company that specialises in creating videos with both digital and traditional animation.
  • We have a detailed and dedicated approach to making animated product videos, which is based on the latest marketing insights and continuous communication with our clients.
  • High quality and client satisfaction are our top priorities.
  • Following industry research, we have ensured our prices are below the industry average.
  • The animated videos we have produced for companies in various industries are testament to the remarkable success of animated videos and our unique services.
  • Our high quality work speaks for itself. Browse through our appealing animated videos.