Selecting 2D Animation Company

Many businesses are using two-dimensional, or 2D, animations for marketing and commercial purposes.

The aesthetic appeal which a well-made 2D animation has could come across as fresh, simple and yet charming to your target audience.

Regardless of whether you are targeting the young, the elderly or indeed any age group in between, incorporating a 2D animation into your business strategy could add the ‘X’ factor that you are seeking.

Yet, when it comes to selecting an animation company that produces 2D animation for businesses, it can be baffling.

We have put together a list of factors for you to browse through and consider so that you know you are hiring the right animation company that could make the 2D animation you have in mind for your business.

What is their portfolio of work like?

A genuine and authentic animation company would have a portfolio of work that they have done for other businesses.

This could be in the form of a showreel or it could be in the form of videos embedded on the service pages of their website, ideally with relevant videos that match each service page.

For example, videos produced using 2D animation would be on a suitably titled webpage.

It bodes well if you take the time to watch the videos they have on display as it will give you a good idea of the style of work the animation company does and whether it fits in with the ideas you have in mind for your own business.

It could also be that at first glance you like what the website has to offer but when you see the videos you may have a different view.

So, checking out the company’s work is a good place to start your search.

Is the information on the company website helpful and well-presented?

What impressions do you have while browsing the website of the animation company?

Is it easily navigable? Can you find what it is that you are looking for, i.e. information on whether the animation company produces 2D animation?

Is it cluttered with too much content, or is the content organised into individual service pages?

Do the buttons and hyperlinks work properly?

Does the text read well? Is it understandable? Is there too much, too little, or just the right amount of text for you to glean what their products and services entail?

Does the website indicate the company’s presence on social media?

Does the animation company have a sizeable online community of fans and followers on the social media platforms that it is on?

Does the company interact with its online community? How does it keep this particular audience engaged and encourage dialogue to happen between them?

Does it encourage you (the visitor) to join in and take part in their social media activities? Do they publicise such activity on their company website?

Does the website have a corporate blog? Who writes theses posts? Is it the company staff, or the owner, or indeed both? How frequent are the blog posts?

How relevant are they to the target audience, i.e. you?

The answers to all these factors could reflect how welcoming the company is in their approach to both new and existing clients.

How does the 2D animation company come across to you as a business?

You may already have an idea about this in your initial conversations with the animation company.

Does the company have a professional, approachable telephone manner?

Do the people working there come across as welcoming and interested in what you are saying, each time you are in contact with them?

Do they answer all your questions to your satisfaction? Do they come across as patient and keen, or hurried and disinterested?

Do they show interest in your project and ask relevant questions, or for more sources of information?

How do they approach the important matter of budgets and pricing? Does the animation company offer package deals?

Are they competent in their pricing in comparison with other animation companies?

How do they justify their pricing? Are you happy with what they say to support their reasons for setting certain prices?

Does the animation company have genuine recommendations from its clients?

Glowing testimonials are always a good indicator of how well any business is doing and the same applies with animation companies too.

Reviews, ratings, recommendations, testimonials by clients which reflect their satisfaction in working with the animation company are definitely worth checking out.

What’s more, an authentic animation company would be happy to provide you with the contact details of their happy clients to you should you wish to verify the legitimacy of the testimonials published.

Aside from the testimonials that you see on the company’s website or in their sales brochure, you may wish to check out the kind of interactivity and dialogue that their online communities of fan and followers are engaged in.

Loyal clients and anyone who share their positive views on the work done by the animation company could be vocal in these online communities that exist on various social media platforms.

We hope these factors help you in your search for the right animation company to make your 2D animation.