Tips on Making a Great Whiteboard Animation

When made well, whiteboard animation videos can have a high impact on generating better conversion rates and ROIs; thereby making your investment well worth the effort! 

Here are a few tips which could help you when it comes to producing a great whiteboard animation video:-

Being Engaging

At the heart of a great whiteboard animation video is the script. This is because it is the script which determines the length of your whiteboard animation as well as ensuring that your core messages are conveyed within the first 60 seconds.

A good script would be engagingly written so that it can be told in ways that are similar to storytelling. Like a story, the script would have a beginning, middle and an ending. 

It could even have characters, shapes and objects through which the story is told, your brand is represented and your message is being communicated.

Being Less Bothersome

Avoid bothering your audience with incessant requests to share your video and include messages which get your audience to visit certain landing pages of your website, or encourage them to interact with your more on your online social media accounts instead.

Being Memorable

Just like the way we associate a brand and its products/services with its advertisement, so too would your whiteboard animation video could be used by your audience to help them remember your brand. 

A good television advertisement would use an emotion or a mood (e.g. love, shock, horror, fear, humour, cuteness, etc.) to appeal to the audience and the script and storyboard would all be integrated to reflect this emotion or mood so that it increases the likelihood of your whiteboard animation video becoming memorable.

Being Approachable

The whole purpose of producing a whiteboard animation video is lost, if viewers do not know how to contact you after the viewing. 

This is why it is very important to ensure that your contact details (e.g. a telephone number, an email address, a website address, etc.) are strategically positioned within the script.

Being the Appropriate Length

There have been several studies which suggest that the attention spans of online video viewers start to wanewithin the first 30-60 seconds of it. 

There is no specific rule to follow to determine the length of your whiteboard animation video. However, making it too short may not convey your message completely and making it too long could also be off-putting to some viewers.

So, deciding the appropriate length of your whiteboard animation video is something not to be taken lightly.

Being Better Scheduled

If you intend to release more video-based content, whether it is in your company blog or on your website in general, you could have a monthly or weekly planner and set specific dates on which your videos would be launched. In this way, your audience would know when to expect the next video post from you.

Being Top Quality

It is, of course, important to ensure that the audio-visual quality is top notch, otherwise your whiteboard animation video may not be viewed in its entirety and could even put potential viewings too.