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RAPP / Astellas Pharma Ltd


RAPP one of our creative agency partners, came to us for our animation expertise to realise the requirement of their client, Astellas. Pharmaceutical company Astellas wanted a video that could be featured on the recruitment page of their website, to give a good impression of the work culture at the company for their global website. Whatever a person’s position or function within Astellas, there is a mutual culture of respect, support and nurturing, which they wanted to express to future potential employees of the company. As their chosen digital creative agency, RAPP asked us to collaborate with them to create this video.


RAPP presented us with a concept and storyboard to work from along with photo of Astellas staff we were to use to base the characters on. Each character in the provided storyboard was based on a real employee at Astellas, which we honed in on to create a video that viewers could trust and relate to. People employed at different levels and locations of the company were included to highlight the core values and team-focused work culture shared across the company.

The video starts with an introduction from the animated President and CEO of Astellas, immediately providing a professional and friendly tone. The screen is often split in three to simultaneously follow the work life of different employees in the company, expressing that a harmonious culture is present throughout the company, including across geographic locations. The 2D cartoon animations of each individual were designed to be colourful, simple, and personable, with realistic characteristics that show that these are real employees within Astellas as seen at the end of the video where we see the actual employees.

The mutually complementary initiatives – The Astellas Way and Star Quality – were introduced and explained in more detail throughout the video. This was done in a step-by-step fashion, to make the message easy to follow. Fun and imaginative scenes help to engage viewers as well as clarify the detailed message. Finally, the calm background music contributes to make watching this animation a pleasant and enjoyable experience.


Testimonial coming soon.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Professional Voiceover & Script

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