After many years working with Spiel, AstraZeneca approach Spiel with a mission to transform their Global IT Leadership Recruitment Programme.

They wanted it to stand out from the crowd without using gimmicks or marketing fluff to hook millennial graduates.


Competing with the likes of PWC, Google and Deloitte for talent, AstraZeneca needed to prove to IT graduates that they offered an exciting career, full of purpose and potential.

They wanted to show that by using technology to further scientific discovery in the Pharma industry, you could improve the lives of patients around the world.


First we defined 3 clear KPIs for AstraZeneca:

  • To increase the number of applicants by 10 – 15% from the previous year
  • To improve awareness of the programme across social media channels
  • To improve rankings on graduate rating boards like The Times Top 100

Throughout 2016 we worked closely with AstraZeneca to create a content campaign that combined videos, infographics and other media to attract graduate talent.

Our own research offered the insight that the number one priority for a graduate was company culture, followed by course content, so we decided to separate the two narratives in two videos that addressed each priority.



Since the release of our campaign, AstraZeneca were listed as The Highest Climbers in The Times Top 100 for Graduate Talent 2016-17.

Speaking about Spiel, Louise Jager (Global Leadership Programme), said:

“They are always enthusiastic and have a lot of creative ideas! They have always been keen on understanding our feedback, gets things done and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them!”

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