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BPP University


BPP University originally contacted us to make an explainer video to communicate to students, employers and strategic stakeholders what they do and what makes them unique. The team at BPP were so delighted with the results that since commissioning this video they have returned to us for a series of additional videos to communicate with students and staff.

BPP is the UK’s primary independent provider of professional education, comprising of a group of specialists who are preparing the next generation of doctors, lawyers, business managers etc. The institution focuses not only on teaching practical knowledge, but also on improving students’ employability and career progression. It’s mission is to challenge the educational status quo to positively change lives.


In this whiteboard animation, a story draws viewers in, telling about the development of BPP over the years, and of its current success in using its academic and learning capabilities to prepare students to be work ready. A quality educational service for professionals and challenging the status quo are just some of the messages being communicated in this video, so we needed to take care not to overwhelm viewers. Due to the detail in the message, we decided to use simple images and line drawings to illustrate the upbeat narrative. Along with the storytelling approach taken, this helped to make information flow clearly in a way that inspires the audience to want to know more. In just over two and a half minutes, this animation presents all key information about this leading provider of professional education.


Testimonial coming soon.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Professional Voiceovero

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