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Brunel University came to us with the distinct desire to put across not just the diversity of its courses, but the unique facilities, clubs, and contemporary surroundings that the institution offers prospective students. Everything a student needs is available on campus. In addition, there are great connections to London, so students can experience the best of both campus life and the city. Those considering this university know that it performs well, but they want to see the student life it offers. To put across this value, we decided to use a minimalist animation style, consisting of energetic music and abstract design, which communicates Brunel University’s seven core subjects, its vibrant ambiance, innovative structure and inspiring offering.


Having been presented with the university prospectus, we starting out by picking courses from each department, and illustrating these in a fun and creative way that fits with Brunel’s existing branding and imagery. Our designers expressed a continuous stream of exciting activity and modern design that is vibrant and eye-catching, and which embodies this first-rate university; not forgetting the institution’s valued history and foundations.

Since we wished to show a busy student life, with many students, we made the characters simplistic, but often morphing into new and unexpected forms. A robot was included as a link to each scene, which highlights the university’s seven core subjects. Different motion graphics techniques were used throughout to add to the feel of diversity and innovation, and lively music was played throughout the video to keep up the modern vibe.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Music & Script
  • Concept Creation
  • Video Marketing

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