Cass Business School wanted a campaign that encouraged students and prospective students to engage with the Careers Service that Cass provides, in order to address their students employability rates and encourage them to choose Cass.


Many of Cass’ students had a misconception about entering the job market: that their degree alone was enough.

This meant they were ignoring the school’s Careers Service, which helped them to develop soft skills and work experience they needed to secure a job, lowering the employability rates of the school.

This was resulting in loss of students and, in turn, prestige. Wealthy, prospective international students would often place a deposit with Cass, then later opt for a different business school, due to competitor’s visibly higher employability rates.

Cass needed a campaign that addressed this cycle, improved employability rates and drew prospective students to attend the school after paying their deposit.


This video campaign was critical for Cass, so we needed to get it right.

Through research and data analysis of Cass’ target audience, we proposed three concepts for a story-driven animation that promoted the Careers Service and reassured students about the school’s excellence at large.

We created a character-led story, using an RPG (Role Player Game) video-game narrative to show a character’s transformation from student to work-ready, reaching prime employability through Cass’ Careers Service that could be shared across the school’s multiple channels.



So far, our work has increased student engagement with the careers service dramatically. We are continuing to work with Cass to measure the long-term results of the campaign in full, but Marketing and Communications Manager Khus Miah had this to say about our work.

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