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Cass Business School MBA Explainer Video


Cass Business School approached us in search of a video that would inform potential students about its full-time MBA course and motivate them to enrol. The client wanted this animated explainer video to succinctly share all key information about the school and its course, including its high global ranking and why it would be a wise career choice. The client presented us with a lot of data to be used in the video, recognising that animation is an engaging way to present this clearly and memorably. As an explainer video with a lot to communicate, the client wanted an animation of a few minutes in length that would effectively retain the audience.


In our initial discussions with our clients, we gained a thorough knowledge about what Cass Business School has to offer students and what makes their MBA course unique. The client presented us with key information and we decided on a simple 2D animation style with bright motion graphics that would encourage viewers to not just notice but also retain important statistics.

Our scriptwriters went on to provide a script that was clear and concise, along with a storyboard that illustrated all crucial information. There were many key points to include in the video, so our designers and illustrators made sure that vibrant visuals were used in an effective way, with motion also used to engage viewers and guide them through the information. Among the many visual methods we used are animated characters, tables, diagrams and other infographics. You will notice bubbles with images in them as well as pulsating circles that give the video a fun and modern look that appeals to the young audience. Along with this, there is a friendly voiceover and soothing music in the background, which appeal to yet more senses and make watching the video a pleasant experience.

Information is key in this video, and it does a great job in communicating a complex message in a familiar way that the audience will want to watch all the way through.

Key video features

  • Motion graphics
  • 2D Animation
  • Infographics
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Concept Creation

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