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Countrywide Legal 3D Animation


Our client came to us with the recognition that end of year staff meetings can often be tedious, with half the attendees dreaming of the holidays rather than paying attention. What they wanted from us was a series of 12 short yet entertaining videos that would introduce each monthly report in the presentation. Each one wassimply to exhibit the name of the month in a new and fun way. This was to be vibrant, funny and truly attention grabbing, so that staff members would actually look forward to the next part of the presentation.


The information we had to share with the 12 short videos was very brief and simple, so we had a lot of scope to apply a fun and entertaining concept. To introduce each month, we decided to create an engaging scenario that would leave the audience smiling or laughing. Each scene was to be different, but using the same idea and the same animated character, so that there was an ongoing story to keep viewers intrigued.

The character our illustrators created was Harvey – a cute, happy and somewhat goofy rabbit who is very creative, but unlucky and clumsy. Our scriptwriters wrote short concepts for each months of the year, which involved Harvey spelling out the month in an ingenious new way, only to have his masterpiece comically destroyed just as he had completed it. These scenes are each funny, and employees watching are left interested to see what he does in the next scene, and if he succeeds. Our team of animators and artists had a lot of fun conceptualising the creative pursuits of Harvey.

Harvey is an easy character for employees of the legal firm to relate to. He is dedicated and innovative when making his creations, which can remind viewers of the challenges they have faced at work. Even his flopped creations can remind them of the funny side and lessons learned from failure. Harvey has a bit of a dirty mouth on him, which is revealed now again when he encounters another mishap – this also helps viewers to relate to the character, while making the video even more humorous and shocking. We even gave Harvey a funny and rather cute voice to make the video even more endearing.

The style of animation used throughout the video is 2D motion graphics, using cartoon animations in bold colours. This immediately grabs viewers’ attention, and the happy animated scenes presented in the videos help to keep them engaged. Many of the events that take place in scenes are quirky and unlikely in real life, which makes them fun. This allowed our animators to apply some very innovative movements and ideas with sound effects.

Overall, the 12 short videos relate to a wide audience and keep them entertained. The videos are likely to make staff alert for the next section of the yearly presentation, and leave themeager to see what comes next. This is the ideal outcome for the video series, and is likely to make this presentation and its content memorable for some time to come.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Script and Concept Creation
  • Cartoon Character Illustration
  • Professional Sound Effects

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