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Deadmau5 Veldt


From the beginning we knew this wouldn't be a typical music video. Deadmau5's track "The Veldt" had interesting origins. The song began life as an instrumental track on a live stream that Joel Zimmerman (aka Deadmau5) did in March 2012. It was inspired by American sci-fi author Ray Bradbury's story with the same name. Bradbury passed away in early June 2012.

From the live stream, one of Deadmau5's fans Chris James took the inspiration on board. He read the story, wrote vocals and lyrics to match and uploaded this onto Soundcloud. The Deadmau5 fan community heard James' track and through Twitter, got Zimmerman to listen. What resulted was a creative, collaborative piece of music with some great inspiration. When we were asked to make a video for it we kept this history in mind.


This video was all about the narrative. Our team set about developing the concept based on Bradbury's story and came up with two child characters exploring a shadowy, sinister savannah.

The idea was to link directly to the lyrics Chris James created, specifically "the world that the children made". The video slowly unfolds as the children walk through the savannah. As they explore, images of innocence are combined with the eerie characters they meet, culminating in them taking a leap and returning to safety.

This was carried out using mostly 2D animation with a very specific colour scheme in mind: all the moving characters were black silhouettes, inspired as far back as 1930s animator Lotte Reiniger. The backgrounds took on an African sunset colour scheme which - combined with the silhouettes - gave the video an apocalyptic feel.


Within the first twelve hours of being uploaded the video exceeded 150,000 views on YouTube, with positive comments for the animation consistently posted on the site. Deadmau5 fans all around the world liked and shared the video, amassing thousands of likes on Facebook. Within 48 hours, it was closing in on 200,000 YouTube views and being tweeted about by viewers across the globe.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Concept Creation

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