Imperial College approached our studio to produce an animation for their exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. Their research, in collaboration with UCL is pioneering in the use of masers for technical science applications. The challenge was to produce an animation which explained the science behind how masers work and how they will benefit future scientific developments, without using alienating technical jargon and telling the story in just 2 minutes.


The plot revolved around an intrepid astronaut on Mars. Despite the wonders of space travel, she just can’t seem to call home, or check her work emails. Then, through the use of existing footage and motion graphics animation, we break down what masers are (they’re older than lasers!), how they work, and how the use of masers could help our bold astronaut.



“Working with Spiel has truly been a great experience! The whole process was made simple and enjoyable by their professionalism and commitment to the task. They were as excited about this project as we were and did a wonderful job. The team were very attentive to our needs and provided a fun and scientifically accurate result! They helped us make a difficult concept accessible to the general public and for that we are very grateful!”Daphné Lubert-Perquel, Project Manager, Amazing MASERS, Imperial College London

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