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Love Weddings envisioned a colourful, concise and inspiring animated video that would explain to engaged ladies how their website could be valuable in a number of ways. They wanted the animation to not only draw target consumers in but to engagingly explain how to use the site, and show the many ways it can help with planning a wedding.

There are so many aspects involved with a wedding - not only deciding on locations and colour schemes, but also organising invites and weddings lists. Love Weddings wanted their videos to vibrantly show that their website could help in all these areas, so that planning could be a smooth and stress-free process. Weddings are exciting and happy times, and that’s what the company wanted to exude in their creative animated video.


After discussing the company’s needs and the various elements of the unique website, we proceeded to create a storyboard for the Love Weddings animation. We custom designed an animated agent that helps to guide viewers through the video and helps to harmonise the full 90-second animation. The animated character is a smart and professional looking lady who pops up at various stages of the animation to contribute to explanations.Another character – this time a playful cupid – also arises to provide added appeal and make explanations more engaging.

Equipped with the layout and look of the company’s website, we were able to clearly explain its simple usability to viewers. We did this by producing animated pages of the site, in which arrows and the animated charactersguide viewers through its extensive use. The website helps engaged couples to plan their wedding to a budget, including all aspects from booking the venue toproviding guests with directions. The explainer video shows how all this can be done simply and stress free. A lot of information is included in the 90-second video, which also intrigues viewers with bright motion graphics images and an energetic, warm voiceover.


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Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Inspiring Voiceover
  • Music & Script
  • Concept Creation
  • Video Marketing

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