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MLS Animated Video


MLS were in need of a promotional tool and decided that animated video would serve their needs best. What they wanted was to promote reading for enjoyment, highlighting the benefits that it can have on the reader’s everyday life. The video would be used to support schools in their efforts to promote reading for pleasure, so it needed to be geared towards teachers, librarians, and other educators, as well as children and their parents.

MLS wanted the completed video to be used in reading assemblies, book weeks, parents’ evenings and other literary themed events, so it needed to appeal to a broad audience. With the topic and audience in mind, it was clear that the video should have a positive and cheerful tone, including brightly coloured images.


In collaboration with MLS and school librarians Caroline Roche and Adrian Thompson, we created an engaging concept which involved not only attractive images but also some inspiring phrases from popular literature which appear early on in the video. These extracts remind viewers of some imaginative books they’ve read and the enjoyable time they had while reading them, which forges a connection with the viewer and inspires him/her to continue watching.

Our illustrators produced a variety of animated characters, with one young girl featured throughout the video to build familiarity in an ongoing story. This happy child is included in a variety of scenes which highlight the many benefits of reading for pleasure, including increasing general knowledge and relaxation. The animation promotes not only books but all sorts of literature. All this information is made engaging with the attractive 2D motion graphics and whiteboard animation. In addition, the voiceover artist we selected has a keen and friendly tone which encourages viewers to continue listening and inspires them to grasp the information provided in the video.

The two and a half minute video is very pleasant to watch, with jovial background music helping to provide a positive experience. It will not only engage a variety of audiences but will likely be retained in their memories. Children will be encouraged to read, parents will be reminded of the benefits of reading to their kids, while teachers and librarians will promote the many elements included in the video.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Professional Voiceover & Music
  • Concept Creation

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