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PPS Equipmentasked us to produce a video for them that would explain the benefits of their complete returnable packaging service. They wanted to highlight a number of advantages, including the efficiency, cost savings and hygiene that could be achieved via “the complete package” they offer – including washing, rental, pooling and management of packaging equipment. In addition, the client wanted to emphasise the environmental benefits of using recyclable plastic crates as opposed to cardboard or polystyrene. The objective of the video was to engagingly explain that with all these elements responsibly taken care of, businesses could focus on their core business activities. With the animated video expressing this information in an appealing way, the client hoped to achieve enhanced recognition of its service and an increase in business.


To make the list of benefits of the PPS Equipment service engaging, we decided to use minimalist visuals in the animated video, along with an enthusiastic narrative and easy-to-follow concept. The simple images make the key points clear and pleasant to learn, while a professional yet quirky character taking viewers through the explanation make it even more engaging.

Vibrant informative graphics and text are combined with 2D motion graphics to provide a video that flows and provides a captivating variety of content.

This animation has made what could be considered a tedious topic far more appealing. The multi-sensory experience with light humour keeps viewers engaged to the end and is likely to generate increased brand identity and conversions for our client.


Testimonial coming soon.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Professional Voice Over & Script
  • Concept Creation

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