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Rapid Visas


Rapid Visas approached us because they wanted a high quality animation video for their websites which would serve the three-fold purpose of boosting sales, enhancing the brand image and educating customers on their application process.

To ensure a high user engagement level, it was essential to produce a short, snappy video of no longer than 90 seconds. This posed an interesting challenge as the video also had to serve the purpose of educating users about what the company does.


We set to work by developing a concept for the video which involved the creation of characters, using cartoon animation. This would engage users and result in a memorable brand identity. This was followed by our content writing team creating a captivating script and storyboard for the client to review before production. This was followed by a professional voiceover and a development time of 3 weeks.


"We are delighted with Spiel for the fantastic video they have created for us which has resulted in a tangible improvement in our web conversions of 120%. The video has provided us with a great ROI and we will certainly be using Spiel again in the future.

What particularly impressed us was their in-depth knowledge of web video and the fact that they did everything with very little input from us from concept creation, script writing, production and voice over, integration of the video into our website and marketing of the video. I would highly recommend Spiel to anyone looking for high quality web video" - James Hepworth. Business Development Director for Rapid Visas

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Professional Voice Over & Script
  • Concept Creation
  • Video Marketing

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