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SITUapproached us because they wanted a clear and engaging video that would educate people about their new product – the SITU scale. Since the food scale is unique, they wanted to provide sufficient information to raise people’s interest and desire to use it in their plight for weight loss. This meant they wanted SITU to be trusted and respected as a pioneer in the industry.By presenting their interesting product with authority, in the form of a simple and attractive animation, our client anticipated a powerful sales tool to present on their website. As a result of the boost in brand image and sales, SITU wanted to also increase the chances of more funding from Kickstarter.


SITU provided us with the details of their inspiring new product, and we set about picking out the most important information so that we could present the uses of the SITU scale in a clear way. We also created a storyline that would resonate with potential customers, showing understanding of the dilemma they are in and illustrating the ways they can benefit from this product. Our designers also sought to inspire the target audience with eye-catching images that helped to convey the message plainly. Uplifting music and a pleasant narrative also helped to create a positive, informative and inspiring video.

Since there were a variety of details and steps to explain about the food scale and its use, we decided to display this all with a whiteboard animation style. The visual, step-by-step explanation is both entertaining and informative, increasing the likelihood of a boost in interest and sales, as anticipated by our client.


Testimonial coming soon.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Whiteboard Video
  • Music & Script
  • Concept Creation
  • Video Marketing

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