St George wanted an animation which would reduce attrition rates and encourage employees at all levels to use St George’s Vision and Values to guide their everyday decision making.



St George wanted a campaign that connected their staff to their vision and community on a deeper level, in order to improve staff satisfaction and performance.



We began by consulting research from CEB to inform our video strategy for St George and found that among the top 4 drivers for employee engagement were ‘Connection Between Work and Organisational Strategy’ and ‘Internal Communication’.

We advised St George that an effective video would make directly address its audience an explicit connection between the organisation’s Vision and the day to day work of each employee.

We created a high-quality motion graphics animation matching St George’s branding that demonstrated principles of community, staff satisfaction and excellence and how they might be expressed in practicable behaviours.

The five sections of the Vision corresponded to five brand colours. Each colour dominated the relevant scene, so the viewer had a visual guide for how to bring the vision to their day to day lives.



The video was screened for St George’s staff at their Visions and Values conference. Sophie Turner, Managing Director of Wild Organisations, said:

“The film we worked on with Spiel was a professional treat, including choosing the voiceover and artist and debating the script and the imagery. It was a joint effort with expert guidance from a team that is truly passionate about doing what they know best and making sure the client is happy. They are rightly proud of what they do and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other clients.”

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