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Stenn is a trade facilitator, which came to us for two videos that would explain their offering to buyers and sellers. The client wanted the videos to introduce a new solution that was designed to help servicing trade between Asia and developed markets. They wanted one of the videos to target manufactures in Asia, whilst the second needed to appeal to buyers in the West with invoice values from $50,000 to $1,000,000 USD. Both these motion graphics explainer videos were required to be clear and factual with a simple, light-hearted approach, lasting approximately 60–90 seconds. This would make them ideal for use in face to face presentations, emails introductions and on the company website.


After an indepth consultation with our client, we acquired a good understanding of the company’s expectations for the video, as well as more detail about the business itself. This enabled one of our scriptwriters to create an engaging and detailed storyboard and script for each video that effectively communicated the advantages of the new Stenn service to both sellers and buyers. Our illustration and animation team then went on to develop visuals that would support the voiceover for each video while fitting with the look and feel of their website. We designed simple, brightly coloured images and used motion graphics in a way that would guide viewers through the detailed content. This made data and complex information intriguing to watch so that the audience would understand and absorb the message.

The completed videos are very effective at engaging viewers all the way through, facilitating the alteration of perceptions. Importantly, the light-hearted video for sellers teaches them that Stenn is not a loans company, but actually a trade facilitator. Both videos have a very professional style that not only explains how the Stenn system works, but also presents Stenn as a well-established business which can be trusted. Overall, the two videos are eye-catching and hugely engaging marketing tools which garner interest and effectively serve their intended purposes.


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Key video features

  • Motion graphics
  • Concept Creation
  • Professional Voiceover
  • 2D Animation
  • Professional Voiceover

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