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Thames CV Services


Thames CV Services approached us as they were looking to create a web video for their corporate website. They wanted to improve the look and feel of their website and provide users with a clear and concise summary of their key offering. In addition, the client was keen to have a video which combined animation with real images so that it was consistent with the overall brand identity of the company. After a series of conversations, it became clear to us very early on that combining stop motion with catchy 2D animation would provide the perfect cocktail to meet their aspirations.


Once the animation style was finalised, our team started by creating a script and storyboard for the video followed by the background for the stop animation. Based on the theme of the video, our production team decided that a background of a desk with images of CV, real hand movements with explanatory animations appearing would be ideal for the video.

After creating the desired look, a series of pictures in a sequence of frames were taken which created the illusion of movement. The images were then combined with a professional voice over, motion graphics, illustrations and 2D animation to create a unique and captivating video.


"Spiel have produced a web video for us which has met and exceeded the goals we set out to achieve. The video has improved our web conversions, complements our brand identity and gives our website a much more attractive feel. What impressed me the most about the Spiel team was their enthusiasm and passion for the project and their ambition to always go the extra mile. You cannot go wrong with Spiel" - Lisa Johnson. Marketing Director

Key video features

  • Stop Motion
  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Professional Voice Over
  • Concept Creation

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