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UCL was looking for a captivating way to raise the profile of its Clinical Operational Research Unit (CORU) and inform people about what it achieves for the healthcare sector. For this, they decided that a bright animation which their target audience could engage with was key.

The work that CORU carries out plays a huge part in enhancing intelligent decision-making and finding the best operational practices for hospitals and clinics, yet many people had never even heard of the unit. This was no good, since the unit wanted to attract new talent and encourage research staff and PHD students to apply for a place in its team. In addition to this, the organisation wanted their animated video to educate healthcare professionals and academics about its work, to generate more interest and collaborations.

With an engaging animation that concisely expresses what it does, CORU wished to inspire its audience and Increase click-through rates on its website. Furthermore, in light of the popularity of animated videos across the internet, it anticipated reaching new audiences via social media shares. The unit planned to share the video via emails, seminars and presentations as well as on its website.

CORU had already decided on the approach and tone they wanted for their video, and they asked us to compose a video based on this. To reach the target audience, they wanted the video to express a collaborative spirit, show optimism, and be educational without being too “teachery” or corporate. At Spiel, we were excited about this new challenge and got to work straight away.


Equipped with a thorough understanding of what UCl wanted to achieve with their animation, we proceeded with generating ideas and concepts that would draw the target audience in and attractively present CORU’s message.

The team at CORU specified they wanted the video to be around 90-seconds, which we agreed was ideal for its purpose and provided us with a lot of scope to be creative and tell an appealing story. We decided that in order to produce a video that target viewers could relate to, motion graphics was the best style choice here, providing fantastic storytelling capability and facilitating the inclusion of a number of intriguing animated characters.

To come up with a perfect story, we looked at the problems CORU solves, how it does this, and the value this presents to viewers. CORU responds to complex problems in medical establishments by spending a lot of time listening to managers, doctors and nurses about their operations, speaking to patients and discussing opportunities with health policy people to get a comprehensive understanding of issues before acting to solve them. This interaction is something we wanted to show in a way viewers could engage with, so we created colourful, likeable animated characters for many of the people involved.

First, we presented CORU with a group of fun animated characters, explaining their expertise in maths and physics and how they use this to solve problems in clinical establishments, with a focus on operational research (OR). We then showed them in different settings, listening to questions and comments from animated doctors, nurses, managers, policy makers etc., with a clear voiceover explaining what they find solutions to. All this is presented with vibrant 2D motion graphics animation, with familiar and fun scenes that all viewers can relate to. All these elements enabled us to produce a video that immediately intrigues, expresses a collaborative spirit, and shares CORU’s message in a familiar way, just as UCL envisaged.


"CORU, a research unit in University College London, worked with Warren and his team at Spiel to produce a 90-second promotional animation explaining our work to a range of audiences. Spiel asked us very perceptive questions about our aspirations for the animation at the outset and gave helpful guidance at every stage of the process. This enabled us to think more clearly about what we were trying to say and to achieve a much better end product. The quality of artwork and motion graphics was very high, and we were particularly impressed with Spiel’s ability to work to our demanding deadline. I highly recommend Spiel’s services." - Andrew Wilshere, Research Manager at University College London

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Cartoon Illustration
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Concept Creation

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