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University of Roehampton

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University of Roehampton


The University of Roehampton approached us to create an explainer video aimed at students to explain the process of repaying tuition fees. The video would explain that tuition fees are repayable over a number of years dependent on their graduate salary. It would also act as a promotional video encouraging students who may not think their financial background allows them to attend university.


Because the target audience for this video is prospective university students, we knew it had to be an entertaining and youthful looking video. Using a combination of whiteboard, stop motion and traditional animation we created outlined characters to show journey from student life to working life. Certain elements of the video were filled in with colour to emphasise them, with a hand used to show transitions between ideas and keep the pace of the video.


The video entertainingly explains something that will be of great benefit to students. The alternations between traditional animation and the whiteboard animation keep the viewer interested, and the sudden bursts of colour not only inject visual excitement into the video but also augment important information. Along with a jaunty soundtrack and the informative voiceover, this video is an entertaining way of showing vital information to prospective students.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Stop Motion
  • Video Marketing

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