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Verto Developments Group requested a video that would increase interest in adopting zero carbon properties, and raise awareness of the benefits of applying them. They also wanted an animation that would encourage visitors to explore their website further, with a targeted increase in average user time of 100%. A top priority was that the video should make the company website far more attractive – one that potential customers would perceive as a leading information hub – so that visitors would return to it again and again in the future. Finally, the client desired an eye-catching and engaging animation that would provide a stylised experience which increased not just brand image but also brand recognition.


We discussed in detail the information that the client wished to convey with their animated explainer video, and we thought up a concept that would immediately grab the audience’s attention. Immediately, we highlighted the ethical goal of the company and reminded the viewer that the current rate of resource consumption is unsustainable. A prominent message was that this is an area in which everyone can help by consuming less, and one way we can all do that is by making our homes energy efficient. The video emphasises that we can save our planet in a way that makes modern society viable, and this is done by adopting zero carbon properties. The video has a broad appeal and makes light of the fact that you need not be a “tree hugger” to care about the environment we live in, and the one your kids will grow up in. All of this information is provided in a professional and engaging way that gives an air of authority but does not patronise.

The animation introduced a family of a father and pregnant mother of two children, and took viewers on a journey that followed their adoption of energy saving technology in their home. This resonates with many families and brings home the fact that adopting these measures can improve your family life as well contribute to recuperating the world we live in in general. The fact that people can save a significant amount of money by adopting zero carbon properties is also highlighted and recognised as a grand incentive for many potential customers.

The illustrations in this motion graphics video flow pleasantly and are immediately engaging, drawing viewers into the message. A range of emotions are targeted throughout the video, including concern, humour and affection. A voiceover with a friendly and attractive tone takes the viewer through the experience, providing an encouraging message until the call-to-action at the end.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Professional Voice Over & Script
  • Concept Creation

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