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Looking for an animated infographic style video for your business? We do just the thing!

Our approach combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking and creativity so that the animated infographic videos we produce engage, shift perceptions and deliver exceptional results.

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Some Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I choose Spiel for my animated infographics?

We work with you closely to ensure that you are totally happy with the product. We are not happy till you are!

Are animated infographics and animated logos the same thing?

No, they are not. You see animated infographics represent statistics, facts and figures, while animated logos represent brands.

How long does it take to produce animated infographics?

Depending on the animation styles needed and the complexity of the work involved, it would take us anything from 2 to 8 weeks to deliver you top-notch whiteboard animation that you are completely happy with.

What next?

Give us a call on 020 8891 2077 or email us and one of our whiteboard animators will get in touch to discuss your specific needs in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you!

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More About Animated Infographics

Liven up your videos with animated infographics!

Statistics, facts and figures are normally immobile, stationary, routed to the spot on a page – be it in hard copy or electronically.

To make all this data move about, float across, upwards, or downwards, fly in, pop up, bounce up and down, spin around, disappear and reappear requires animation.

And ta-dah– we have animated infographics!

Motion graphics designers work with professional researchers to come up with creative, innovative and engaging ways of telling stories by using animated infographics.

This is why you will sometimes find some video advertisements or television commercials that incorporate animated infographics in their attempts to impress us with data either pertaining to their achievements, or to shock us – such as campaigns for charities or infomercials.

Gone are the days when animated infographics were only used in television journalism - i.e. the news reports which focused on numerical and factual data, shown on large screens called ‘video-boards’.

Animation infographics has made its entry into the realm of advertising and marketers are increasingly using these in their videos.

At Spiel, we work in close collaboration with businesses of all sizes and industries to produce suitable, effective and creative animated infographics.

Animated Infographics: The Benefits

Visual Aesthetics

There are countless studies out there that indicate visually representing complex data is easier to process than using the written form.

Animated infographics enable viewers to process data and derive meaning. Crucially, viewers can also remember and identify the brand with little effort.

We have the principles of behavioural and colour psychology to thank for this.

Highly Purposeful

Animated Infographics can be used for the following purposes:-

  • Editorial- Journalism and News Reporting
  • Scientific – Represent findings from experiments
  • Academic – Represent findings from studies and surveys
  • Research and Development – Represent facts, figures and statistics
  • Sales Presentations – Represent records of achievement and informational data in a lively way.

Crowd Puller

Internet users love sharing videos that spike their attention and impress them in an ingenious way. 

As a business, you could get your share of their attention by impressing them with the incorporation of animated infographics into your advertising video. 

More sharing is likely to mean more brand awareness and more web traffic for your website.

Why Choose Spiel

  • Our production team consists of highly experienced professionals who work hand in hand with digital marketing experts to product animated infographics that meet your desired outcomes with great success.
  • Our prices are below the industry average.
  • Our work does the talking, we don’t.