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We specialise in producing animated social media videos which truly resonate with their target audiences. Our approach combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking and creativity so that the social media videos we produce engage, shift perceptions and deliver results.

If you would like an animated video to help boast your social media efforts or just have a few questions, why not get in touch with us today? We'd love to be of help!

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Some Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I choose Spiel for my animated social media video?

We understand the importance and potential that social media has on target audiences and our production team works with digital marketing experts to make sure the final product meets your requirements.

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How would I know which style of animation suits my requirements?

Call us on 020 8891 2077 today so that we can discuss ideas and find out.

How much does an animated social media video cost?

It can start from as little as £2,500 to make an animated sales video, depending on the length, complexity of the script, etc.

What next?

Call us on 020 8891 2077, or drop us an email and one of our producers will get back to you to discuss your specific needs in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you!

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More About Social Media Videos

Boost audience engagement levels with animated social media video!

There is animation, which communicates complex ideas, concepts and messages clearly and concisely.

There is social media which connects people worldwide and enables them to share personal and professional resources and interests.

And then, there is video which is dynamic enough to engage viewers and appeal to them in persuasive ways, so much so that videos are seen to speed up on buying decisions made by customers.

What are we getting at here exactly, you ask?

Well, if you make an animation (all animations are in video format) and upload it on to your social media profiles to engage with your community of fans and followers, what do you get?

Bingo! You have an animated social media video!

Whether you use your animated social media video to market your wares or to interact with your audiences, you are bound to increase audience engagement and brand awareness for your business.

According to a report by Social Media Today, 93% of marketers use social media for business with the fastest growing segment being users aged 45-54.

Furthermore, findings by Comscore indicate that around 96% of online shoppers watch video before they make purchases.

On a different note, if Facebook were a country, it would have been the 3rd largest in the world, according to the social media biggie themselves.

You would like your animated video to help broaden your audience through the social media platforms your business has integrated with.

You would need your video to convey important messages, promotions, updates and announcements in comprehensible ways.

You would need an animation studio that understands and implements these requirements, like us, Spiel.

Animated Social Media Videos: The Special Features

Increased Brand Appeal

The colours, the characters, the humour and wit, the directness, the simplicity, the storylines, the length, all these aesthetic factors of animation help to liven your brand up hugely.

Audio-visual aesthetics help audiences remember your brand better because the mind makes stronger connections with colour, characters and moods.

Increased Audience Engagement and Interaction

You can use animated social media videos to announce competitions, promotional offers, discounts or sales events.

You could have an appealing and identifiable animated brand character to communicate these messages with your social media audiences.

You could make news updates with your animated social media videos and use a relevant mood that would elicit suitable responses from your audience.

These suggestions are not by any means exhaustive!

Increased Audience Reach

If your audiences like your animated social media video, they are bound to share this with their contacts, who in turn will share it with theirs and so on, so forth.

In this way, you are increasing your potential reach many times over.

Why Choose Spiel

  • Our unique approach in producing animated social media videos is based on the latest insights in video marketing and user engagement.
  • Our producers work in close collaboration with digital marketing experts to deliver the animated social media video that you would be happy with.
  • Our prices are below the industry average.
  • Our work does the talking, we don’t.