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We specialise in producing high impact adverts for YouTube advertising purposes. Our approach combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking and creativity so that the adverts we produce engage, shift perceptions and deliver great ROI's.

If you would like a YouTube advert for your business or would simply like to discuss your ideas, why not get in touch with us today? We'd love to be of help!

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Some Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I choose Spiel for my animated YouTube video?

Our production team works in close collaboration with digital marketing experts to produce high impact videos that you are happy with. Top quality and client satisfaction are mottos we always follow.
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What animation styles would best suit an animated YouTube advertising video?

This depends on the complexity of the script and your business requirements. Call us today on 020 8891 2077 so that we can discuss suitable options.

How much does an animated YouTube video cost?

It can start from as little as £1000 to make an animated advertising video, depending on the length, complexity of the script, etc.

What next?

Call us on 020 8891 2077, or drop us an email and one of our producers will get back to you to discuss your specific needs in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you!

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More About YouTube Adverts

Have you considered producing an animated YouTube advert video to promote your business?

With over 6 billion hours of video watched every month and 100 hours of video being uploaded per minute, advertising on YouTube could be worth investing in for your business.

Your animated YouTube advertising video could be used to market your products and services, or announce news and updates to your target audiences.

Adverts that appear on YouTube just before the actual video that the viewer wants to watch are called ‘in-stream’ adverts. YouTube has confirmed that around 70% of such in-stream adverts can be skipped, but the timing for when the skipping can start is determined by you.

In this way, users will have to see at least 5 seconds of your advert before the ‘Skip’ option appears and if they like your advertisement, they won’t skip it at all!

By incorporating animation into your YouTube advertising video, you can increase the chances of users not pressing that ‘Skip’ button, because a good animation can engage and appeal to users in an impressive, memorable way.

To make such high impact animations requires a good animation studio, one which can appreciate the requirements of succeeding in the world of YouTube advertising.

Enter Spiel: London’s leading animation studio that specialises in producing high impact YouTube Advertising videos for businesses globally.

We also produce animated YouTube advertising videos for the other TrueView adverts that Google offers businesses, i.e. in-slate adverts (which play before or in the middle of longer videos), in-search adverts (that appear at the top of search results) and in-display adverts (these appear in the ‘Related Videos’ or ‘Videos Similar To’ sections on YouTube).

Animated YouTube Advertising Videos: The Advantages

Massive Audience Reach

YouTube currently has more than 1billion unique users visiting each month. Surely, your target audience must be in there too. 

Reach out to them with your animated YouTube advertising video and rake in better audience interest and website traffic.   

Responsive Feedback 

A good animated YouTube advertising video would elicit responses and feedback through the comments section (when enabled at the time of uploading). 

This is because the aesthetic appeal of animation engages audiences like magic!

Great for Sharing on Social Media Platforms

By enabling the sharing and embedding functionality buttons (again, at the time of uploading), your animated YouTube advertising video can reach to the contacts of your dedicated online communities. 

YouTube offers video-sharing on all the major social media platforms - i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. – and blogging platforms, i.e. Wordpress, Blogger, Tumbler, etc.

YouTube advertising videos can also be easily embedded on your website too.

So, make your business reach to audiences that were previously unreachable with an animated YouTube advertising video.

Why Choose Spiel

  • Our unique approach in producing animated YouTube advertising videos is based on the latest marketing insights in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and user engagement.
  • Our producers closely collaborate with digital marketing experts to deliver an animated YouTube advertising video that meets your desired outcomes.
  • Our prices are below the industry average.
  • We let our work do the talking