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More About App Explainer Videos

One of the toughest things about promoting an app can be that it is widely intangible and can be complicated to describe.

The use of explainer videos to communicate the benefits of apps has dramatically increased in recent years, as video can help to share a clear message.

So how can they help?

Easy to Follow

An explainer video is an ideal tool for getting your message across clearly and concisely. The combination of images and sounds allows for apps to be defined and detailed far more quickly than in text.

Video can also be more engaging than written content and keep viewers interested until the call-to-action is reached.

Innovative Explanation

Animated video in particular opens up the potential to think outside the box and adopt creative methods and concepts to help explain things.

The use of an app, its benefits, its assets, and its association with other products and services can all be explained relatively simply with animated graphics, audio and an inspiring voiceover.

Different techniques – including split screens, doodle illustration and motion graphics – can be used to highlight associations between digital assets and the user. Several related factors can be included in just one screen.

Screenshots of a mobile app’s key features can be provided, as can examples of the way they are used.

Make Your App Visual

The intangible nature of an app or any software means that it can be difficult to explain clearly. By using animation, you can help people to picture the process and its benefits in their heads.

This could be done by making a concept visual – for example by including a large brick wall in the animation to signify a firewall, or a fluffy cloud as a symbol for cloud computing.

Tell a Story

Telling potential customers about your app in a way that resonates with them can be highly effective at making the advantages clear and generating a conversion.

If you know your audience well, you can simulate a scenario that they can relate to. Triggering emotions can also help to engage viewers in your video.

Enjoyable and Memorable

The use of images and sounds not only makes an app easier to understand, but it can make learning about it more entertaining.

As a result, an inspiring and enjoyable video will be memorable, increasing brand image and recall.

Boost Conversions

All these advantages of an app explainer video can increase sales and other important conversions.

A quality online explainer video will be shared across social platforms, making the app more popular, and boosting conversions further.

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