Choosing an Explainer Video Company

You are a marketer looking to not only sustain the existing brand presence that your business has but to also boost it by (for lack of a better phrase) ‘being different’.

Or, you are a fresh, new start-up business that is on the cusp of breaking even and is facing exciting prospects – and you want to prolong this freshness that comes with novelty as long as possible.

Or, you are a business – of any size, shape and industry – who is bored with their current marketing collateral and campaign and think it is time for a change.

Whichever of these aforementioned scenarios describes your situation it sounds as if you need to incorporate (or consider incorporating) an engaging, educative and entertaining explainer video into your business and marketing strategy.

Maybe you have already decided to welcome an explainer video into your business strategy and are now in the midst of choosing a production company that will take on this task and deliver it to just the way you would like it.

Or, maybe you are still mulling over your options and would like to read up on what to consider when choosing a video production company.

Well, again, whichever of these two scenarios applies to you, we have put together a list of the factors that we believe you would need to consider before you say ‘You’re Hired’ to a video production company.

1. Does the company have a credible portfolio of work?  

This ought to be one of the first things that you check out because it may well be that you like the apparent look of the company’s website and feel that’s good enough.

Be sure to look out for a showreel or a webpage that has links to examples of their work.

When you have viewed these and are happy to browse further, look for videos that you think would be similar to what you have in mind for your business.

If you find something you like the look of, make a note of it so that you could tell the company that you would like your video to have a similar design, appearance, structure or theme.

2. Does the company have genuine testimonials which they are happy to allow you to verify?

Another factor to consider is on any feedback given by clients who have worked with the video production company in the recent past.

This could be in the form of ratings, reviews, recommendations, testimonials that would reflect how confident and satisfied the clients were to have given feedback so vociferously.

If you are going by the testimonials given on the company’s website, you could ask the company to give your the contact details of the clients so that you could verify the credibility of the testimonials.

A genuine video production company would not hesitate to provide you this information at all.

3. Does the company have an aesthetically appealing and engaging website themselves?

So, you like the portfolio and are pleased with the votes of confidence given to you by the clients who had worked with the video production company you have your mind set on.

While these are good indicators, what do you personally think of their company website?

Is the website easy to browse through? Do the buttons and tabs work?

Does the language in the content come across as engaging and genuine to you?

Do you get a feel for the personality behind the company?

How strong is their presence on social media platforms? Do they have a sizeable online community of fans and followers?

Does the company engage and interact with their online community?

Does the website invite you (the visitor) to join their online community to get to know them better?

Does the company website have a blog? If so, how frequent are the posts? How useful and relevant are they?

Do the blog posts reflect a vibrant, lively, engaging, team of professionals that work for the company? Does the company’s owner write blog posts? How does he/she come across to you?

4. Does the company present themselves as having relevant expertise and a willingness to understand your business requirements?

This will probably be something that you would determine during your initial conversations with the video production company.

Do they sound genuinely interested in your call?

Do they answer your queries satisfactorily?

How do they end the call? Do they offer you a proposal or a choice of options from which you could then choose for your explainer video?

Does the information they give you about your explainer video match up with what is said on their website?

How do they come across with that all-important issue of pricing? Do they come across as patient or do they seem hurried?

Do they ask to see your website so that they can get an idea of what it is you are looking for? Do they ask for more information about your business that would be relevant in making your explainer video?

Do they have a professional, yet personable telephone manner?

We hope these suggestions help you.