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We specialise in producing demo videos which truly engage their audience. Our approach combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking and creativity so that the demo videos we produce inspire, shift perceptions and deliver great results.

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More About Animated Demo Videos

It’s downright difficult to demonstrate anything using just words, and it can be pretty tedious for the audience too. With the addition of images and sounds in video, you can explain anything far more quickly, efficiently and more engagingly.

With the barrage of information on the internet, web users often seek multimedia content and other alternatives to pure text. Demo videos online can immediately attract attention.

The rapid increase in demo videos online has come about due to a broad range of benefits, including:

  • To show rather than tell your audience how to do something. This can be far easier to follow.
  • This live demonstration – whether in animated or live action style – can be far more engaging.
  • Demo videos can be useful and efficient for explaining a number of things both internally and externally.
  • These videos can show existing customers how to use a product, and encourage new business and conversions.
  • Video can explain and demonstrate anything more clearly and concisely than text and still images.
  • Multimedia is immediately attractive, and if it gains positive comments it can entice even more viewers.
  • Videos on social media platforms encourage user engagement.
  • Multimedia can enhance your website’s ranking in search engines.

Our brains tend to process visual data 600,000 times faster than text, according to Social Media Today. Video can therefore engage your audience more quickly and teach them more efficiently.

Typically, a demo video will be from 30 – 90 seconds in length.

More Advantages of Demo Videos

Rising online popularity

Visits to internet videos will constitute 52% of all consumer internet traffic in North America in 2016, according to Cisco’s 2011 Visual Networking Index. The figure suggests a massive 25-fold increase from 2011.

Used For Training and Educating

There are many uses for a demo video. They can be used to teach anything from using a product or service to how to complete a medical procedure. Videos are being used as a tool for demonstrating things right across the educational field as well as throughout every market of products and services.

Innovative Demonstration

Animated demo videos in particular opens up the potential to be creative and adopt innovative ways to explain things.

There is plenty of scope for being original in your use of animated graphics, audio and inspiring voiceovers.

Increase Brand Recognition and Recall

The use of images and audio not only makes a demonstration easier to understand, but it can make learning about it more enjoyable.

As a result, an entertaining video can be memorable, increasing brand image, recognition and recall.

Boost Conversions

The many benefits of an animated demo video will contribute towards generating increased conversion rates. When people are inspired by your content they are far more likely to take an action.

Quality content made by a professional animated demo videos company can gain likes and comments on social media platforms and be linked to other sites, raising its ranking in search engine results, and attracting more viewings and conversions.

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