Effective Video Scribing Production

When made creatively and intelligently, video scribing production can be very effective in not only meeting your goals, but exceeding your expectations!
From strengthening your brand presence to generating better ROIs and conversion rates; your investment becomes well worth the effort!

Here are a few tips which could guide you in producing an effective video scribing production:-

Creating the Impression

Just like the way we associate a brand and its products/services with its advertisement, so too could your video scribing production video be used by your audience to help them remember your brand better.

By using an emotion, mood or a theme (e.g. love, shock, horror, fear, humour, cuteness, etc.) that would help the audience connect with your brand more effectively the likelihood of your video scribing production becoming memorable for your audience increases.

Writing the Right Script

Any good video has a good story at its heart. The same applies with video scribing production too. Like a story, the script would have a beginning, middle and an ending.

However, unlike a movie or a television programme, the important messages in a video scribing production would be conveyed within the first 60 seconds.

The script could even have shapes, objects and characters through which the story is told, your message is being communicated and your business is represented engagingly, even entertainingly.

Targeting the Relevant Audience

The script would also depend on the demographic and psycho-graphic details of your target audience. 
In other words, who is the video scribing production for? What is its purpose? How would it benefit your brand and your target audience?

These points are important for you to consider before you go about hiring a production company and then getting your video scribing production made. 
For instance, if your target audience consists of individual professionals visiting your website, you may want to make your video scribing production short, concise and easy to understand to retain attention levels.

Toning Your Script

Also, how would you like your brand to come across through your video scribing production? Would you be positive, informal, formal, funny, warm, quirky, or dramatic? What undertones would you have?

Getting the right proportion of text and images is also important because too much of either could reduce the effectiveness of your video scribing production.

Calling For Action

Including calls to action, i.e. contact details via which viewers of your video scribing production could use to get in touch with you to find out more, or (hopefully) to convert to your sales or marketing goals.

Missing this out would mean the purpose of your video scribing production would be lost. Getting viewers to contact you as soon as they have seen your video is the effect you intend after all. 
After all, how would this happen if they do not know how to reach you?

However, keeping irritants like junk mail and cold calls in mind, being pushy or too direct does not always work either. 
So it is all about striking a balance between being not so direct that it puts your audience off but also not to be so meek and mild that your audience fail to make out where your calls to action are in the video!

Meeting Deadlines

Staying organised and focused so that yourselves and the production team can stay on top of things and meet deadlines is also a priority.

This will happen when communications between both sides are clear and regular so that everyone stays on the same page as you move on to each stage of the production cycle.

If you are hiring a production company then be sure that they understand your business goals, have a good portfolio of work on display, a talented and competent team of creative professionals and a robust schedule.