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We specialise in producing compelling explainer videos which truly resonate with their audience. Our approach combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking and creativity so that the video we produce engage, shift perceptions and deliver exceptional results in line with their business objectives.

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ETF Securities
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London Underground
Royal Society Of Chemistry
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Corporate Mobility
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University Of Roehampton
Ultra Music
Gateway Workshops
The Guardian
University Of Liverpool
Medi Pathways
Conidia Bioscience
Eid Digital
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More About Explainer Videos

Imagine learning about new products, services, methods, changes and trends through a short and entertaining video.

Ta-dah! This is what an explainer video is perfectly suited for. It gets messages across clearly, engagingly and effectively to users. Typically, in 1-2 minutes!

More and more businesses are using explainer videos to:

  • Promote their products and services;
  • Raise awareness and inform – of anything from a brand to a global issue;
  • Deliver messages both internally and externally;
  • Encourage user engagement through social media campaigns;
  • Aid with staff training;
  • Save customer service departments time and resources by answering common FAQs; and
  • Enhance their visibility in search engines;

A recent report by global research giant, Forrester, finds that websites with videos on them are 50-53% more likely to appear on the first page of a Google search. Dropbox, a major file-sharing facility, invested $50,000 into making an explainer video that tells its story, which generated a ROI of $24 million!

Search engines recognise that web users value websites with video content on them. This is evident from the vast number of searches and views on video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. New ways to share videos are also gradually becoming available, including through apps like Vine and Instagram.

So, a well-produced and engaging video is more likely to be shared with friends and colleagues, thereby increasing exposure to your message.

Explainer Videos: The Advantages

Higher User Engagement and Conversion Rates

Explainer videos are effective because of the clear and engaging way in which they can convey messages and stimulate the senses, making them far more memorable than just plain text and static images.

Many consumers decide to purchase a product after they have seen an explainer video. Animated marketing videos can also be highly valuable for explaining concept in sales presentations.

In light of the advantages of explainer videos, many companies have done away with paper manuals and simply provide a ‘Watch our Video’ link which potential customers can then view. A high number of companies are opting for animated videos, as this medium can explain things more quickly and efficiently.

Animated explainer Videos are great for web conversions. Here are just some of the reasons for their success:

  • Having an appealing explainer video on the landing page of your website can keep visitors engaged on your site for longer.
  • Research has shown that your visitors are far more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.
  • A quality animated explainer video can communicate brand assets and values clearly and efficiently, which can build trust in your brand.
  • Animated explainer videos can effectively convey the benefits of your product or service.
  • An entertaining and informative video can enhance the visitor experience to your website

Enhance Brand Awareness

Just like a good film can leave an everlasting memory in the mind of an audience, so can an explainer animation. People are likely to remember your brand and associate it with the wonderful explainer animation your business has produced.

When it comes to delivering a sales presentation or demonstrating a product, an explainer video can have much more impact on your audience than a brochure or a webpage of text.

If potential customers are presented with a high quality explainer video, they are much moreinclined to engage. This means they are more likely to understand what your product or service is and what its benefits are. What’s more, this knowledge and understanding can make their purchasing decision far simpler and quicker.

Training and Education

Animated explainer videos are not only used in marketing, but also in internal communications and education. They aregreat for explaining concepts, models, processes, historical timelines, office induction procedures, health and safety awareness, etc.

Animated explainer videos are highly effective teaching tools and are being used globally in schools, universities and businesses. Whether you want to educate a workforce or a class of students, these videos can be effective as they present a topic in a clear and engaging way. Even museums are taking advantage of the tools potential and using animated informational videos to educate visitors.

These animated videos are ideal for reaching out to all learning types, as they present information using inspiring visuals and audio. Often they will also include emotional appeals to make the content more engaging.

Entertaining animated educational videos can be particularly memorable, which is key when teaching a new topic. So if you are seeking a new way to ensure learners retain information, give animated video a try!

Boost Sales

What with animated explainer videos being highly informative and engaging in a short period of time, consumers are encouraged to make a purchase.

Animated videos are great for relating to potential customers and explaining to them how your product or service can benefit them. The short time that an animation takes to convey this to its audience is also key for today’s web users, who are very selective with how they spend their time online. With animation, a key, detailed message can be shared in 1-2 minutes! This means consumers do not become bored and are more inclined to find out more about your offering, and maybe make a purchase.

Search Engines

As mentioned previously, search engines rank websites with video on them more highly, as these are seen to be preferable to web users – video is more engaging to web users than reams of text. Top quality content that attracts “likes”, comments and shares will lead to a higher ranking.

Businesses can further optimise their website and video in searches with the use of keywords and high quality content. This higher ranking in search engines can increase the number of visits to a website, and the quality content can encourage them to stay longer.

Why Choose Spiel for your Explainer Videos?

  • Our unique explainer video development model is based on the latest marketing insights on user engagement; conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and video marketing. This enables us to produce explainer videos that generate fantastic ROI's for our clients.
  • Our prices are lower than the industry average for the quality of work and results we generate.
  • Our production team work on all styles of explainer animations, such as animations in 2D and 3D, cartoons, stop motion, motion graphics, whiteboard style, etc.
  • These are not just words – we have an excellent, illustrious portfolio and case studies to prove it
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