How Explainer Videos Help Sales?

A video that explains something is known as an explainer video - something that is being used by more and more businesses to help increase their sales.

Whether you would like give your online sales and conversion rates a big boost, or whether you would like to take some of the pressure off from your sales staff, or whether you would like to enhance the quality of teaching, training and learning, or whether you would like to put some zing into your social media marketing campaigns, an explainer video can help you achieve all this.

Let’s have a look at how an explainer video can help you increase sales in each of the aforementioned business goals.

Explainer videos help boost your online sales and conversion figures.

You can engage your audiences more effectively with an explainer video so much so that they can connect on an emotional level with what they see. 

This can speed up the time your audience takes to convert to your desired business goal. 

You see, several processes take place when an internet user reads a static webpage:

Read> Derive meaning from text>Think about meaning derived> Make a decision to purchase or not.

However, when internet users watch an online video, only two processes take place:

Watch + Emotionally Connect with video> Make a decision to purchase.

When it comes to being convinced by an image or a video, which one would you think has the more effect on consumers? 

Exactly! A video is likely to have much more of an impact than an image could. That’s why television and cinema advertising work so’s all about the moving images!

What is animation after all? It is the process through which static and stationary characters, imaged, graphics, objects, are given the illusion of movement. 

So, if you use animation to make your explainer videos, what happens then? 

The chances of your business attaining better sales figures increases.

Explainer videos help your salespeople do their job BETTER!

How so? We hear you ask. 

Well, the answer to this is two-fold.

Firstly, your business could have an explainer video that helps to explain the products and services on which your business is based.

While the initial intention is for potential clients and your target audience acquire an accurate understanding of the products and services you sell, you could play this explainer video to your sales team too.

This will help ensure that all your sales team have a clear and uniform understanding of the products and services they are going to sell. 

Secondly, your sales team could include the explainer video as a part of their sales presentations to clients, conferences and trade exhibitions.

This will save them the time and energy from having to repeat themselves and also not to worry if they forget to mention any details because your explainer video would have it all covered.

Additionally, your explainer video could leave an impressionable, memorable impact on your viewers...something that is always good to have in place as it is conducive for good business.

Explainer videos help to enhance the quality of teaching, training and learning.

If you are in the teaching and training professions, you could use explainer videos to go with your existing course material. 

You could upload your explainer video on to a video streaming website (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo) and then embed the link within your PowerPoint slideshow, or handout.

Explainer videos are particularly good at communicating complex messages across, so why not use this to explain complex ideas, concepts, theories, models, processes, case studies and topical scenarios.

This would serve as a great teaching aide to you when imparting complex, yet important, parts of your lesson; while also serving as a helpful learning aide for your students.

What a brilliant way to make use of the communicative and engaging powers that explainer videos have!

Explainer videos put some zing into your social media marketing campaigns!

You have profiles and accounts set up on all the main social media sites that the whole world is clued in to 24/7. 

You have your branding on these profiles and may have even invested in advertising on some of them.

Resultantly, you have some users following your profile updates but are not interacting as much as you would have liked them too.

Enter the Explainer Video...

Your explainer video could demonstrate what your products and services are all about.

You could even have a brand character/(s) incorporated into your explainer videos that interacts with your existing online communities of fans and followers on your social media profiles.

Your explainer video which (ideally) would be designed based on the latest digital marketing insights.

It would also have the principles of consumer and colour psychology applied so that relevant colours, music, voiceover narration, story, plot, characters, shapes, objects, lettering and fonts, would be used in your video.

Appealing to your audience aesthetically and emotionally or thematically gives your approach more definition.

It means you can have something tangible to talk about and engage your audiences with.

This could be spurred on from the explainer video you post on your social media profiles.

Your audience may choose to interact with you about the explainer video itself, or may wish to engage in a discussion about any related topics that the explainer video touches upon.

The outcome is that communications will become stronger and regular, allowing you to come up with strategies that help in building better brand loyalty with your existing customer base.

In turn, your customers could talk about the discussions they share with you through social media with their contacts and spread more brand awareness for you.

This could even lead to more interest in your brand and even purchases!

So, the possibilities for further sales and business development become more than just a dream and it’s all because of an explainer video.

Yes, video is very commercially powerful indeed!