How Much Does An Animated Video Cost?

A professional animated video will typically cost from £2,500 to £10,000 per minute. The price will depend on the chosen art style, agency costs and the animation’s complexity, among other variables. Those costing £2,500 will be simpler, with more basic illustrations, script, storyboard, voiceover and animation techniques used.

Cost Effective animated videos

Many promotional videos will not need to be any longer than a minute, but for those that do, the additional seconds or minutes can be less costly. Of course, this can depend on how many revisions are required.

When working with an animation production company, you should be as clear as possible about what you want in order to get the result you want and keep revision costs to a minimum. Good animation companies will engage in a comprehensive discussion with you before beginning work, so that your vision will be met.

Animated Video Cost

Experienced Production Companies

There are some very impressive mid-range priced animation companies out there, so it’s not necessary to go for the highest priced to get a great product and service. It can be best to steer clear of those offering very cheap videos, however, as these often present a false economy. They tend to spend less resources on producing and fine-tuning your video, allocate less time to communication, and are less qualified, so the completed video does not appeal to the required market and engage viewers.

For the best chances of getting the result you want, for the best price, seek out an animation company that has produced videos for some successful brands, and perhaps even in a similar style to what you desire. This offers valuable assurance that they have the skills required to provide you with a good ROI.

A high quality animated video requires a comprehensive process that involves many elements and skills that need to be harmonised. These include not only scriptwriting, storyboard design, illustration and animation, but also audio production, voiceover and sound track purchasing. Then there is the management of all this, ongoing communication and any required revisions.

Customised Animated Videos

If you require an innovative video that requires more imaginative ideas, complex animation techniques and original illustrations, this will be reflected in the cost. Whether a whiteboard video, stop motion animation or motion graphics story, final costs will depend on the unique elements of the work involved.

With this being said, a customised video does not need to break the bank, as simple graphics and animation techniques can be surprisingly successful when coupled with a fantastic script and storyboard. So, saving money in some areas can enable you to splash out more in others.


An animated video can typically cost anywhere from £2,500 to £10,000 or more depending on a range of factors including:

  • The duration of the video.
  • Style of artwork.
  • Complexity of animation.
  • The fee structure of the appointed agency. Factors which influence an agencies fee structure include its experience, skill level, location, approach to projects, popularity and quality of its existing portfolio. The amount of time the agency will be spending developing the script and creative treatment will also have a bearing on cost.