How Much Should An Explainer Video Cost?

Explainer animations come with a wide price range which means businesses of all sizes could afford to invest in.

Here are the main factors which are taken into consideration when the pricing of an explainer video is decided upon:-

The Components

A creatively designed explainer video has the following components:-

  • An engaging script that explains and demonstrates the features and benefits of products and services.
  • Suitable audio-visual aesthetics which the target audience would find appealing
  • The duration of an explainer video is decided on, because if it is too long it could put off audiences and if it is too short it could leave the audience feeling confused and without the information they would require.

The Professional Skills

Behind one explainer video is the work of a dynamic and talented team of creative professionals: -

  • Scriptwriters – i.e. those who write the scripts from which the explainer video would develop.
  • Illustrators – i.e. those who draw the visuals, i.e. shapes, objects, characters, lettering, etc.
  • Graphic Designers – i.e. who then take these illustrations and computerise them so that these are ready to be animated.
  • Animators – i.e. to bring about an illusion of movement to the images and graphics that have been created and designed, thereby becoming animated.
  • Voiceover Professionals – i.e. those who narrate the script to explain and demonstrate products and services, their features, benefits, importance and significance.
  • Video Editors – i.e. those who synergise all these components together to give the explainer video a logical structure and a sequential flow.

The Length

The length of an explainer video is the next factor that an animation studio would need to consider, especially because it is the length that determines how much it would cost to make.

A typical 60-120 second explainer video can take typically take 6-8 weeks to produce. 

If the initial version of an explainer video goes on for more than 2.5 minutes, it is usually recommended that you get two shorter explainer videos made rather than have a long one.

This is because it could put off audiences from viewing the entire explainer video, which would mean the purpose of getting it made is lost.

Interestingly, consumers take out time from their daily schedules to watch a programme on the television or to go the cinema to watch a film.

However, when it comes to watching online videos, numerous studies suggest that their attention spans are very small and are highly prone to fizzling out after the first 2 minutes of a marketing video.

This is similar to the way consumers behave during commercial breaks that occur during television programmes. Consumers change the channel or go off to do something else when commercials are played.

So, it is of utmost importance that the length of your whiteboard animation is just right so that it can get the maximum attention as possible.

The Expense

To give you a rough idea, the cost of a well-made explainer video could start from £2,000 and onwards. 

It is actually difficult to place a figure on how much a explainer video would cost, as it each client would have requirements that could be unique and different from another.