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We specialise in producing compelling animated videos to drive sales. Our approach combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking and creativity so that the videos we produce engage, shift perceptions and directly impact sales figures.

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Some Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I choose Spiel for my animated sales video?

At Spiel, we understand the importance of implementing high quality and high impact production values into our animated sales videos. Top quality and client satisfaction are what we live and breathe.

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How would I know which animation style suits my business requirements?

There are a variety of different animation styles that can be used in different ways and for diverse purposes. Our team can discuss these with you and help you to choose the most appropriate for your video’s purpose and objectives. Call us on 020 8891 2077 and we will be more than happy to help you work this out!

How long does it take to make an animated sales video?

This usually depends on the complexity of the script, animations and the length of the video. The average timeframe is 6 weeks. If you provide our team with a detailed vision of what you want your video to be like and what you want to achieve, we can provide a more accurate estimation

How much does an animated sales video cost?

It can start from as little as £2,500 to make an animated sales video, depending on variables such as the length and complexity of your unique video.

What next?

Call us on 020 8891 2077, or drop us an email and one of our producers will get back to you to discuss your specific needs in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you!

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More About Animated Sales Videos

Are you looking for a creative way to stand out from the crowd?

You know that your business is unique and has something great to offer, but how can you convey that to your customers? How can you grab their interest when there are so many others out there competing for their attention? The answer could be an engaging animated sales video!

Your customers will remember an interesting and informative video about your product long after they have forgotten what they have read.

An animated sales video will help distinguish your brand in the minds of viewers because of its uniqueness, and it is likely to be shared via social media. All this will help to enhance awareness of your company’s brands.

Animated sales videos are a unique way for your target audience to take in information about the products and services of your business.

At Spiel we are specialists in producing high quality animated sales videos.

Sales Videos: The Advantages

Serves Various Purposes

There is no limit to creativity with animations. Even if you have a concept for a product that has not been made yet, you can make an animated sales video about your concept. You can use this to add more value when you are pitching to potential buyers and clients.

Sales videos can be used in many different ways. They can be sent out in emails, shown at meetings and events and can be on display at trade fairs and conferences.

Whether you are selling a product or a service, or are selling a message or a concept, an animated sales video can serve all these purposes proficiently. 


Animated sales videos can uniquely represent your business and its brands, helping your business stand out from the rest.

Viewers are more likely to remember your company and its brands through the impression you make with an inspirational animated sales video.

Animation leaves you open to express your message in any way you see fit. This could include an emotional or adventurous story, or it could be a detailed 3D product demonstration. You can make particular use of animation by benefitting from its representation of otherwise intangible phenomena.

Flexibility and Creativity

Animation can be used to depict anything, from a bacterial cell to a virtual world. Whatever the size, manner or context of the topic you want to explain and sell, animation can use various creative techniques to do so clearly.

Don’t forget that animated sales videos also allow you to present dynamic information in a clear and appealing way. This can include changes in time as well as changes in location.

Whatever you want to sell, there is bound to be an innovative way to promote this using animated video. Once you have a focused idea of what you want to achieve, matched with an understanding of your market, you can custom-make an animated sales video that attains significant results.

Inform and Explain

An animated explainer video is a fantastic way to encourage a sale. If there are tangible differences between your product and that of competitors then you can explain these in an engaging way. Any logical factors that make your offering stand out can be highlighted.

This could also include information about company culture, brand ethics and values. An animated video can integrate several pieces of key information into a short and high-impact video.

Clear and Easy to Follow

Animated sales videos are highly engaging and easy to follow, so viewers are likely to pick up and retain this information effectively.

This makes for a pleasant user experience and efficiency in sharing your message.

Even complicated and boring information can be made to appear far clearer and more engaging. An attractive and harmonious animation can even encourage the viewer to seek more information.

Brand Image and Emotional Appeal

If logical differentiation is difficult to make between your product and others, it is here that the brand image that an animated video can convey becomes increasingly important.

An animated video can enhance your brand’s identity and make it immediately recognisable. Animated characters, images and memorable phrases from a captivating video can become synonymous with your original brand.

Many companies use an emotional appeal in their animated video to help portray a memorable image. This could use humour, adventure, mystery or a variety of other triggers.

Consistently Sells

When you have determined what your sales pitch will convey, these details can be woven into a crisp, clear and comprehensible script that will sell your products or services consistently. Every time a viewer presses the ‘PLAY’ button, a new potential customer will become engaged in your attractive animation and learn about your offering.

Even if they do not make an immediate conversion, the creative medium you used is likely to make them retain the information so that they make a purchase in the future.

Great for Conversion Rates

Securing conversions is the objective of a sales video, and this is precisely where you can make significant strides with an animation.

It’s the engaging, clear and attractive nature of an animated sales video which helps to lead to an increase in enquiries, information seeking and ultimately, sales. It is also undoubtedly the stimulating combination of images and audio in an animation that helps to reach out to diverse audiences.

Many businesses are using animated sales videos to improve the conversions achieved through e-marketing campaigns, sales presentations, social media campaigns and their website.

Here are some more ways that an animated sales video can lead to a significant boost in conversions:

  • Putting an animated sales video on your landing page can retain potential customers and diminish bounce rate.
  • If your video is engaging, potential customers will reach the end of your message. They may then respond to your call to action.
  • An inspiring animated sales video on the web can significantly enhance brand image, which can result in sharing, link creation, increased conversions and brand loyalty.
  • An informative sales video presents a strong and positive message to consumers that can build trust in your brand, resulting in further sales.

Search Engine Optimisation

Many consumers use the information they have learnt from an online sales videos to make a purchasing choice. The quality of the video will impact on how it is shared in their social networks, and how it ranks in search engine searches.

Websites that contain video are at least 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of a Google search, according to Forrester, the global giant in technology and market research.

Search engines have come to recognise that web users prefer sites with multimedia content on them. We can clearly see this from the high number of videos searched and watched on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

The higher the quality of your video, the higher the ranking you achieve, because these tend to retain visitors for longer and generate more links. These are just some of many elements of your website that are analysed and used by search engines. The bottom line is that a high-impact animated video can do wonders for your company on many levels.

Why Choose Spiel

  • Our unique approach to developing animated sales videos is based on the latest marketing insights in various areas. We focus on conversion rate optimisation (CRO), video marketing and user engagement, so that we reach your goals.
  • Our production team works diligently with digital marketing experts to produce high impact animated sales videos that accurately meet requirements and generate high ROIs for our clients.
  • Our prices are attractive and below the industry average.
  • Our work can demonstrate to you what we can do for your business.