Video Scribing Production Cost

Video scribing productions come with a reasonable price range, making it affordable for businesses of all sizes.

What makes a video scribing production great is when...

  • It conveys complex messages that audiences can understand easily.
  • Its total length is suitably determined. In other words, the length should not put them off by bombarding the target audience with too much information but also not to be so short that that it leaves viewers lost due to lack of detail and also it should not to.
  • It has an engaging script that communicates important information first before covering other interrelated details.
  • Colours, music, voiceover, branding, text, images, animations are suitably incorporated to bring out the best that the business has to offer to its target audience.

It takes a creatively talented team of skilled professionals to work on a single video scribing production. This production team usually comprises of the following professionals:-

  • Scriptwriters – i.e. those who write the scripts on which the video scribing production would be based.
  • Illustrators – i.e. those who draw the required imagery, which could be shapes, characters, letters, objects, etc.  
  • Graphic Designers – i.e. who then take these illustrations and digitise them, getting them ready for the animation process.
  • Animators – i.e. those who create multiple images of the graphics which are designed to bring about an illusion of movement, which is what animation is all about.
  • Voiceover Professionals – i.e. those who narrate the script to introduce or to demonstrate what the idea, concept, message, product or service is and to flesh out key details so that the audience know what the video scribing production is based on.
  • Video Editors – i.e. those who incorporate all these component that make up the video scribing production into a logical, coherent sequence; to bring about a beginning, middle and an end to the whole video so that it makes sense to the audience.

As you can appreciate, animation studios have to compensate their talent accordingly for all the hard work they do as an immense amount of intelligent and creative talent goes in making a video scribing production.
Another significant factor which animation studios use to determine the cost of your video scribing production is its length as well as the time taken to make it.

For instance, it usually takes anything from 6-8 weeks to produce a video scribing production that is 60 to 90 seconds long. If your initial version goes on for more than two minutes, then it is better to make two shorter video scribing productions because...

  • Several studies indicate that the audience attention spans starts to fray after the first 60-90 seconds of any video, especially if they are watching it online.
  • You would therefore want your audience to stay engaged throughout the whole video so keeping it short is a way to go about achieving this.

Having said this, a video scribing production that is made with creative intelligence, memorable aesthetics and suitable vibrancy would engage your audience regardless. So, as you can see from the aforementioned factors, it is hard to state an exact figure on how much a video scribing production would cost.

This is simply because each video scribing production has its own objectives and unique requirements based on which prices are tailored accordingly. 
If a rough idea has to be given, you could allocate around £3,000 -£4,000 for a video scribing production that is 60 seconds long. So, the longer the video, the higher the price is likely to be.