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We specialise in producing compelling scribe animations that truly resonate with their audience. Our approach combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking and creativity so that the videos we produce engage, shift perceptions and deliver the exceptional results.

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Some Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I choose Spiel for my video scribe?

At Spiel, we have a proven track record, an impressive portfolio and we are focused on generating the best returns for our clients. Our production team includes those with digital marketing expertise, user engagement knowledge and experience in producinga top video scribe.

Our team includes industry specialised producers and script writers who work in synergy with our clients to produce the best possible outcomes. All our videos have met and even exceeded client expectations.

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How long does it take to produce a high quality video scribe?

Depending on the style and complexity of the work involved, it would take us anything from 2 to 8 weeks to deliver a video scribe that you are completely happy with.

Contact a member of our team to discuss the length and objective of your video and get a more accurate estimate of the time it will take to produce your video.

How much does it cost?

A high-impact video scribe can start from as little as £2,500, depending on the techniques, visuals and script involved. The length of your video will also influence cost. Ensuring a focused vision before getting started can help us to produce your video quickly and cost effectively. This is why we engage in indepth discussions with clients before getting started.

Our prices are lower than the industry average, but our quality is always excellent which ensures your business generates high ROIs.

Can I contact you for advice on choosing the right animation style?

Of course! Contact our team today to see how we can help you. We offer a free, no obligation consultation in which we can discuss your company, brand image, desired message and objectives. This will help us to advise the most suitable animation style and tone for your video scribe.

What next?

Give us a call on 020 8891 2077, or email us and a member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss the goals you wish to achieve. We look forward to hearing from you!

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More About Video Scribing

Video scribing is getting a lot of love!

Most teachers and academics still use a whiteboard to explain concepts and models. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways students learn.

Video scribing is an animation style which follows a similar principle. This is where a scribe physically draws pictures and writes text to illustrate the message which the voiceover in the video conveys to the viewer. The most important parts of the message can be highlighted using engaging visuals.

Due to the appeal of video scribing, more and more businesses are taking advantage of it and using it to effectively put across key messages.

Now, why is video scribing so loved, you ask?

Viewers watch the images unfold as the video paces on. This is engaging, raises curiosity and enables viewers to relate to the message being conveyed. It is partly the human touch that videos scribing possesses that resonates so well with a broad range of viewers.

Advantages and Special Features

Retain Interest

Many people can find it difficult to concentrate when reading text on a webpage, which is why the popularity of video scribing has risen to exceptional heights.

The inspiring and illustrative visuals in video scribing reinforce the inspiring concept and voiceover, making these videos the ultimate force in engaging audiences of all kinds.

What better way to make a point than in a clear, informative and entertaining way!

Generates Brand Awareness

By bringing your message to life through video scribing, a memorable impact is left on users. They are highly likely to remember your brand and the message conveyed in your video.

Any entertaining animated video will raise awareness of a brand, but one of the top advantages of video scribing is that it enables you effectively explain your brands assets and unique selling points.

Your choice of video scribing style and message can help to define the brand image that you emit. This can include not just benefits of your products but also brand values, principals and CSR.

Great for High Impact Explainer Videos

You can use video scribing to make explainer videos which can get messages across to your audience, clearly and entertainingly. When they engage with the video, they are much more likely to remember your business and even take more interest in it.  

You need not explain everything in your video. It can be more effective to focus on the key points and encourage the viewer to seek out further information on your website. Inspiring this conversion is a significant step in the purchasing channel and can lead to many positive results, including a sale.

When it comes to training staff, or running educational courses, producing user guides or reenergising internal communications, video scribing is a great animation style for creating educational videos that are effective.

Great for Conversion Rates

The entertaining and engaging nature of video scribing makes it great for generating conversions of every kind.

Ensure the call to action at the end of your animated video is clear and you could soon be enjoying a boost in enquiries, comments, website visitors or sales.

Tonnes of businesses across industries – from travel to finance – are investing in video scribing to make an impact and achieve fantastic returns. These animated videos are known to generate high ROIs, and our clients have often been elated by results that exceeded their initial expectations.

An incredibly popular channel for video scribing is the internet. Companies are using their websites, social media platforms, video streaming sites and email campaigns to spread their message far and wide.

This pays of well for companies, as consumers are increasingly relying on online information to help them makes purchasing choices. Even at the point of sale, people are using mobile devices to search for details. With video content now widely available on these devices, the floor of opportunity is open for businesses to promote their products effectively with engaging videos.

Various Uses

Video scribing is a hugely popular choice for making online explainer videos, but it doesn’t end there. There are a variety of types of explainer video that can be made, and there are many ways that these can be delivered to viewers.

Here are some common and effective ways to utilise video scribing:

Compliment Other Content

Video scribing can be used to boost SEO, the effectiveness of social media and e-marketing campaigns due to the high levels of engagement they tend to generate.

Video scribing can be highly effective on its own, but it is also effective as a support for other marketing content via diverse channels. It is useful to ensure that other material on your website harmonises with your video and supports the same message. Principals that are important when making an animated video – such as clarity and attractiveness – are equally important for a website, so this should also be sought after.

Supplementing your video with an appealing title and summary that uses keywords is also important to making it attractive and ensuring it ranks highly in searches.

In education, video scribing can serve as a support for other forms of teaching. These videos can be used inside classrooms or students can be allowed to watch them at their own convenience online or via an intranet.


When it comes to training staff or teaching students, video scribing is an ideal animation style to use.

It is a fantastic way to convey a message in a way that is not only engaging and informative, but also hugely memorable. Its simplicity and flow also makes it great for delivering complex information. Detailed educational courses can use this tool in a variety of ways, to inform learners of all types on diverse topics.

The multiple appeals in video scribing, including visuals, audio, concepts, information and emotion, enables the tool to engage on a wide scale. These videos can effectively teach people whatever their learning preferences.
Within a company, video scribing can replace many paper documents, including health and safety manuals and user guides.

Why choose Spiel?

We have a very professional and dedicated team that is fully prepared to offer you a top quality service, resulting in a video that meets all your requirements.Additional benefits include:

  • We have a unique developmental model for producing animations using video scribing and this is based on the latest marketing insights.
  • Our prices are below the industry average for the quality of work we produce.
  • Our production team consists of specialised experts in video scribing who have a wealth of experience in producing this style of animation.
  • Our work speaks for itself! We have real case studies demonstrating the success we have achieved.