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Here’s what you need to know when looking for a virtual reality company in London:

Virtual Reality offers your audience a unique and immersive experience, putting them in direct control with their experience, making them far more likely to engage and interact with you…

However… due to a lack of knowledge, a lot of people overspend on VR videos, wasting their hard earned cash.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be you. With the right VR company, you can produce an awesome VR experience for your business without having to break the bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Put simply, a virtual reality video is an immersive video style that is viewed through virtual reality headsets. They typically appear as a 360 degree rendered environment with the viewer at the ‘center' of the experience.

They have a lot in common with standard 360 Degree videos, but the difference comes with interactivity. 360 Degree videos are linear videos that play out in a 360 environment, whereas virtual reality offers greater interactivity within the video - putting the viewer directly in control. This means that your videos can be gamified or include buttons, click through branches, and in-video commands.

VR Videos are a great way to get your audience to have a real experience first hand, which is helpful if you need to illustrate a visual concept such as interior design or put someone in a training scenario where they need a "point of view" perspective.

If you're looking for a virtual reality company to help you explore your options, contact our VR company in London on +44 208 891 2077

Virtual reality is fast becoming a more commonplace way of experiencing visual content within the business world, as its popularity continues to skyrocket. Some key benefits of using virtual reality for business includes:

1. A More Unique Customer Experience

As the world continues to grow and develop new technologies, companies are looking for unique ways for their business to stand out from the crowd.

Interactivity plays a huge part in leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Putting the audience in control of their experience makes them far more likely to relate, enjoy and engage with you.

And whilst VR continues to boom, it is still quite a novel experience for consumers and now is a great time to get in touch with a virtual reality company and invest in a technology that will make your brand stand out!

2. A More Immersive Method of Marketing

The "try before you buy" approach to marketing has long held its place as an effective marketing strategy to the consumer market. Virtual reality offers you a lot more flexibility in creating an immersive first hand experience of a product. Through VR, the user can visit any location whether it exists or is imagined. This helps illustrating conceptual visual ideas that can get lost in communication, by making the audience actually see for themselves.

3. Advanced Analytics

Virtual Reality can help businesses collect deeper insights into how their products are being received and reviewed by customers. It also helps businesses to test ideas on the market, assessing quality and appetite for such a product. VR also allows businesses to collect more robust insights into how the content is being interacted with, allowing for optimisation to improve product quality and customer loyalty.

To see if VR could benefit your business, contact our virtual reality company in London by filling out our quick form or calling +44 208 891 2077.

Virtual reality offers a wide range of uses across multiple industries, some more common than others. Our VR company in London has seen VR used in many businesses in the tourism, real estate and retail sector, but have also seen it used as internal communication training for businesses in the insurance, manufacturing and transport industries.

Here are some common uses:

Training videos

Virtual reality puts its audience directly into a location, allowing users to experience training scenarios first hand. With added interactive elements, such as "choose your own adventure" style branching-videos, users can choose what next step to take as part of their learning.

This style of training is excellent for high-stake situations. Where previously a trainee had to imagine such a scenario occurring, VR can make the employee actually experience the situation in the most realistic way possible without putting lives at risk.

This method had proven to work, with BP using virtual reality training for their start up and emergency exit procedures at their oil refinery in Hull. The trainees were able to learn from their mistakes made in the virtual environment, which in turn reduced the risk in real life.

Another high-stake example includes Johnson & Johnson institute who used immersive VR training for medical training, seeing a 230% increase in surgical performance.

But VR Training is not exclusive to high-risk, it has also been used for soft skills such as public speaking, customer service and sales. Another good example of immersive training is for diversity, inclusion and harassment training, putting the viewer in the shoes of those often discriminated against.

Tourism and Hospitality

Our Virtual Reality company in London has seen a huge boom in using VR for hotels and the tourism industry. Marriot Hotel allows their customers to experience their branches across the world, which is another example of the ‘try before you buy' approach to marketing.

Tourist company Thomas Cook partnered with Samsung Gear VR to create virtual reality videos of travelling hot-spots to give their customers a taste of the best travel destinations. In fact, this partnership was so successful that they reported a 40% ROI within the first three months of launching!

Virtual reality has also been adopted by the British National trust, giving their app users an opportunity to visit their many historical homes across the country, and incorporated in-app quizzes.

Real Estate and Construction

We've seen quite a switch in the construction industry, ditching the old 3D models of home building plans and instead using virtual reality to sell to investors and property buyers.

Marketing plans, layouts and strategies have fast become replaced by 360 renders to be viewed in virtual reality, increasing client and agent interest and engagement in the projects.

Home Improvement

Our VR company in London has also seen a pique in interior designers using virtual reality for their users to "build up" their home, all within an application. It helps interior designers to show exactly what they envision, increasing the chances that the audience will buy-in to a design and invest higher when they can see exactly how it would look.

Industry giants IKEA and John Lewis have both utilized virtual reality in their marketing, enabling customers to get a stronger vision of their home.

If you're unsure whether Virtual Reality could benefit your business, or if you have an idea for VR content but not sure whether it would work, feel free to call our VR company in London on +44 208 891 2077. Alternatively, you can fill in our quick form.

Our VR company in London specialises in producing mind-blowing VR content that doesn't break the bank. We tailor every project to the end user and ensure that the content you invest in delivers a strong return on investment.

If you're looking for a virtual reality company in London that will deliver affordable but stand out content, then look no further than us. Depending on the complexity, we can produce a 360 degree video to be viewed in VR for £3,000-10,000 or a fully interactive virtual reality experience for as little as £5,000.

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