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Alu Fold Direct approached us with a very specific instructional video in mind, which would make their company jump out in the market place. Alu Fold specialises in quality aluminium bi folding doors in a heavily male dominated market, so the company wanted an animated video that would appeal directly to their target consumer.

A typical customer reads a red top newspaper, is into football, works on a building site in all weathers, and typically neglects to read instructions. The company is used to responding to mistakes customers have made when installing the bi folding doors, so they wanted to make an animated explainer video that would really engage viewers so that they could be educated in best practices. Other key objectives of the video were to build trust, credibility and confidence in Alu Fold as a market leader. They decided that the best way to relate with the target market so that they would watch the video was to make it funny, with a very direct sense of humour that is bound to grab attention.


To begin with, we had a lengthy discussion with our client to clarify the message the video should convey, as well as the tone and humour it should have. The motion graphics animation had to include four key steps to installing the bi folding doors, and these needed to be made engaging. We thereforecreated a humorous concept in which two characters are fitting the doors in the sunshine. These animated characters are what draw viewers in and encourage them to watch on. The male character is overweight and looks comical in his “Borat style” mankini, while the female characteris slim and attractive. Both have humorous voices which you wouldn’t expect, and the instructions they go through are full of sexual innuendos.

Behind the characters, you can see the quirky couple’s modern, spacious home through the window, which resonates with stylish target consumers who like to stay up-to-date. All the images add to the concept and help to make the video attractive.

This video may not be to everyone’s taste, but the humour in it appeals directly to Alu Fold customers, and is a breath of fresh air in a market where most instructional material is dull and unattractive. This video explains how to fit the bi folding doors properly in a way that is enjoyable to watch, which our client was incredibly pleased about. The unique video strengthens Alu Fold’s branding whilst showing the company’s professionalism and knowledge. The animation – which is just under 2 minutes long – is likely to not only entertain viewers but also raise Alu Fold’s credibility in the eyes of consumers, just as our client hoped.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Motion Graphics

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