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Are you looking for a more powerful way to connect with your customers?

Have you grown tired of repeatedly pushing out the same old boring content and then failing to see the results that you desire?

If so, then interactive videos could be the perfect solution for you!

So what makes interactive videos so effective?

Here’s the secret you need to know:

Unlike most other types of content, interactive videos put your viewer in direct control of their experience, making them far more likely to relate, enjoy and engage with you.

But unfortunately there is a catch…. due to lack of knowledge, most people overspend on their interactive content, wasting their hard earned cash.

However, this certainly doesn’t have to be you. We’ll make sure that your interactive content is not only visually stunning but also affordable, so that you don’t break the bank.

Want to learn more?

Then get in touch with us now for a free interactive video consultation. We’ll give you totally free advice with no obligation for you to take up any of our services.


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How to Create Amazing Interactive Videos

How to Create Amazing Interactive Videos
How to Create Amazing Interactive Videos

Some of Our Clients

  • Marks & Spencer
  • London Underground
  • Specsavers
  • Ebay
  • HSBC
  • EY
  • The Guardian
  • Tesco
  • Natural History Musem
  • boiler-room
  • pfizer
  • aa
  • nhs
  • cemex
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • kent-county-council
  • Berkeley Group
  • Havas
  • Cass Business School
  • deloitte

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, interactive videos are videos where the audience participates in the viewing experience.

Unlike traditional 'linear' videos, interactive videos aren't for passive viewing, but instead they encourage the viewer to engage directly with it for a more immersive experience.

The technology behind interactive videos is still relatively new, but more and more advertisers and content producers are starting to adopt it.

To find out more about what is possible, contact our interactive video company in London on +44 208 891 2077, or fill in our contact form.

According to research from Mobilemarketer, Interactive videos on average boost viewing time by 47% and increase purchaser intent by up to 9 times.

They also have on average a conversion rate of around 11%, which is significantly higher than the about 1% conversion rate that is usually seen with Google ads.

And above anything else, they provide a fun and engaging way of connecting with your audience, providing them with a unique experience.

To get a few more facts, you can watch our video on the subject matter, produced by our interactive video company in London.

Firstly, we have shoppable videos. Interactive videos are being increasingly used to provide more immersive shopping experiences. And the results are supporting this shift, as interactive videos are proving to generate higher conversion rates than standard videos.

Ted Baker's videos are a great example of this, where the viewer can purchase a clothing item that they view in the video. So make sure you check them out if you are interested in creating a shoppable video for your business.

In addition to shoppable videos, interactive videos are also fantastic for product demos, storytelling, data capture, and e-learning.

For example, Life Saver used interactive elements to create an educational video that helped its viewers learn about saving lives while practicing their decision-making ability.

A typical interactive video company will offer advice and consultation based on their wide knowledge of technical capacity. For your FREE consultation, contact our interactive video company in London on +44 208 891 2077.

Firstly we have hotspots. Hotspots are the areas in the interactive video which are clickable. When a hotspot is clicked on it will lead to a specific action such as more information being revealed. There are two types of hotspots that you will find in interactive videos. The first type is static hotspots. These are basically hotspots which are anchored to a fixed position in the video and don't move.

Then we have sticky hotspots. These are hotspots that stick to people or objects as they move in the video. Because sticky hotspots are more in sync with the clips in which they appear, they tend to look a lot better than static hotspots in most cases. And consequently, tend to generate a lot higher engagement than static hotspots.

The second feature of interactive videos that you need to know about is overlays. Overlays is the name given to the pop-ups which appear when a hotspot is clicked on. The overlay can include anything from additional information, data capture forms, links to external websites, downloadable content etc.

Thirdly, interactive videos often include branching. Branching basically gives the viewer the choice to control the narrative by choosing the next scene. Branching is great for storytelling and if done right can really boost your engagement levels, as it can help you provide your audience with a more personalised viewing experience.

Another great feature often incorporated into interactive videos is 360 degrees viewing. This basically provides the viewer with a more immersive experience where the viewer can change the viewing angle to any position that they prefer.

The number of features that are available are dependent on both the video host and the interactive video company you work with. You can contact our interactive video company in London who will advise the best video host and features based on your brief.

Every interactive video is totally unique in the sense that there are so many factors that apply when determining your budget.

In our experience, a big factor is the platform you choose to host your interactive video on. Most of the larger platforms which include consultancy can cost $15-20k per year, whereas you can also host on other platforms for as little as $150 per month.

The creative and production side of creating an interactive video with our interactive video company in London could start from £5,000 and can vary based on a number of factors.

Unfortunately, when it comes to interactive videos, it's very hard to answer this. A simple shoppable video could take no longer than 3 to 4 weeks, whereas branching videos or complex live action style videos could take a lot longer. A good range to consider is between 8-15 weeks for your interactive video project.

Our interactive video company specialises in coming up with creative and original concepts that meet your budget. That means that video production is cost effective while delivering great returns. We have a track record of producing high-performing videos for some of the world's biggest brands. With our interactive video company in London, we can meet with you to discuss your project in detail.

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