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Most video advertising companies get it all wrong. They’ll make nice looking videos for you and focus on metrics such as views and clicks…but unfortunately….when it’s all said and done….you’ll just be left with a deep hole in your pocket. Ever been there?

But here’s how we differ: we measure the success of our video advertising campaigns only through one criteria…..and that’s how much profit we consistently generate for you. And it’s common for our video advertising campaigns to deliver more than a five-fold return on investment.
Impressed? So what’s our secret?

We’ll it’s our unique, battle-tested video advertising framework which we’ve developed as a fool-proof method to ensure our video campaigns consistently deliver excellent returns on investment.

And we’ve got the track record to prove it…having worked with clients of all sizes from exciting start-ups to brands such as Pepsi, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, NHS and HSBC to name a few.

What’s more, we’ll make sure the process of creating and launching your video campaign is as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We specialise in every aspect of video advertising, from strategy to production to activation. Meaning we’ll do all the heavy lifting whilst you can sit back and enjoy the rewards of your video campaign.

And our video advertising agency is conveniently based in London. So you can come check out our studios and meet the team that will work directly with you on your video advertising campaigns.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our video advertising company now to discuss how we can help you meet your goals!


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Some of Our Clients

  • Marks & Spencer
  • London Underground
  • Specsavers
  • Ebay
  • HSBC
  • EY
  • The Guardian
  • Tesco
  • Natural History Musem
  • boiler-room
  • pfizer
  • aa
  • nhs
  • cemex
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • kent-county-council
  • Berkeley Group
  • Havas
  • Cass Business School
  • deloitte
“Working with Spiel was fun, we particularly loved their big, bold ideas – crafting characters with personality and stories with humour and emotion” Ian Mottashed, VP Marketing - Imagen
“Working with Spiel was excellent - we couldn't have asked for a better partner!” Melinda Spence, e-commerce - Pepsico
“Working with Spiel was a pleasure from the start. What they produced was high quality at a fantastic price!” Simon McQueen, Director - Bright Heart


25% OFF ON Video Production

Has the budget for your video advertising campaign been cut down? Meaning that you need the budget for your project to go a lot further?

If so….then you’re talking to the right agency. We understand that the last year was difficult for most businesses. And so, to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to help….we’re giving you a massive 25% discount on your first video advertising campaign with us.

What this means is that despite your reduced budget…you’ll still be able to get an excellent video advertising campaign running for your business.

And the part we know that you’re really going to like…our discount comes on top of the highly competitive prices that we already offer our clients.

So ask yourself this….are you ready to get moving with your video advertising campaign….to boost your revenues and leaving your competition way back in the dust?

If so, contact our video advertising agency now for your free consultation and quick, no-obligation quote.

Why Choose Us?

Best Prices

Best Prices

Bold & Original ideas that match your budget



We can easily meet to discuss your project



We've worked with some of the world's best brands


25% OFF ON Video Production

We all know that video is the future. But chances are, at present, you don’t have a solid, fool-proof video advertising strategy. However, luckily for you, the chances are, your competitors don’t have one either at this moment in time.

So the question is…how are you going to move ahead?

By taking advantage of this huge untapped opportunity, you can immediately start generating more money for your business. At the same time, your competitors, who site around doing nothing….continue to leave huge amounts of money on the table.

So ask yourself this….do you have a great video advertising strategy to get moving with today?

If not…you’re in luck….as our expert video marketing team will create an in-depth tailor made video advertising strategy just for your business….for FREE.

Here how we will do it: we’ll start by learning from you about your business and what you want to achieve for it through video advertising. We’ll then go and do a detailed study of your market, target audience, your current marketing funnels, competitors and where the potential opportunities lie which you can immediately start taking advantage off.

With all the information we gather, our highly trained video advertising team will then develop a custom video advertising strategy tailor made for your business. This will include a step by step action plan of everything you need to do to launch a highly profitable video advertising campaign which simply crushes the competition.

And the part which we think you’re really going to love….we’ll give you your video advertising strategy guide completely 100% FREE….with no obligation for you to use any of our video advertising services.

We usually charge over £1,000 for this sort of in-depth work but we’ll give it to you totally free of any charge. Because from our experience, we’ve learned that the best way to demonstrate our skill is through the quality of our work. And many people that we give a free custom video advertising strategy to are so impressed, that they then ask us to work with them.

So if you want to get going with your video campaign in a 100% risk free way ……where our video advertising company does most of the heavy lifting …..then get in touch with us now for your free consultation.


By growing your sales revenue through our battle-tested framework

Most video advertising agencies get it wrong. They’ll work on producing video adverts that looks nice and showcase your offering. But unfortunately, when it comes down to the crunch….your adverts rather than providing a great return on investment….just leave a glaring hole in your wallet. We’ve seen the same mistakes being repeated over and over again. So here at Spiel we do things differently…..with our video advertising having one goal only….to provide you with a measurable boost in your bottom line. And it’s common for every £1 spent on video advertising with us to generate over £7 in profit for our clients.



Through our unique, proven approach to generating traffic through video advertising, we’ll send a consistent stream of qualified visitors to your website who are in ‘hunt mode’….actively looking to make a purchase. And just as important as making sure that your traffic consists of highly qualified prospects….we’ll make sure it is delivered at a cost which results in you making a healthy profit from your video advertising.



Your video adverts not only need to deliver qualified traffic to your website, but then need to be successfully integrated into a funnel for closing the deals . This is why at our agency we place a huge emphasis on optimising your entire sales funnel so that it seamlessly flows from the initial advert all the way to the final customer purchase. Our battle-tested conversion strategies commonly make an instant impact on dramatically boosting sales.




Not all customers will purchase your offering or even engage with you on the first occasion they are introduced to your business. So, to maximise your sales in the long-run, an effective video re-targeting campaign is a must. And with a proven track record in exactly this, we here at Spiel are experts at building effective video re-targeting campaigns. Meaning you can leave all the heavy lifting in this area to us, while you sit back and count your new pipeline of hot leads.



Video advertising can’t really be effectively scaled or optimised without a good automation strategy. And just as importantly, we want you to be able to grow your business through your video advertising campaign with minimal effort and cost….which is best accomplished by video automation. So our video activation team will work relentlessly to optimise and automate your video campaign until it is consistently generating you a fantastic return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my video advertising campaign cost?

There are three main components involved in developing and launching a successful video advertising campaign. These are strategy, production and activation. And the cost of your campaign will depend on the level of work involved in each stage. However, to give you a general estimate, our video advertising campaigns start from just £3,950. So get in touch with us now if you're interested in a quick free quote for your advertising campaign.

Why should i choose your video advertising agency?

If you're looking for a video advertising company with a proven track record of boosting sales and delivering an excellent return on investment then we here at Spiel are talking the same language as you. Not only this, our video advertising campaigns are built based on our proven framework and start from as little as £3,950 only. Meaning, with us, you can be assured that you're getting real value for your money. So get in touch with us now.

Which services can your advertising agency provide?

Here at Spiel we specialise in every aspect of video advertising from strategy to production to activation. In regards to video styles, we can deliver any style of video that you require from live action to animation to interactive. And you'll get your very own dedicated project manager meaning you can sit back and relax whilst we do all the heavy lifting for your advertising campaign.

Where is your video advertising company located?

We are conveniently located in London. More specifically in the Wandsworth area of South West London. Our studios are about two minutes walking distance from the underground station. But this doesn't mean that we only work with clients that are based in London. In fact, for live action video shoots, we regularly travel throughout the country as required. So travel isn't an issue.

I am interested but have a tight budget?

Yes, we understand. Most businesses are because of pandemic. But the good news is that we're able to offer you a huge 25% discount on your first video advertising campaign with us, meaning you're guaranteed value for money.

Can i come visit your video advertising company?

Yes certainly. You're more than welcome to visit our studios and discuss your project. What's more, you'll be able to meet the team that will work directly on your video advertising campaign. So get in touch with us here at Spiel now!

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