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“Working with Spiel was fun, we particularly loved their big, bold ideas – crafting characters with personality and stories with humour and emotion” Ian Mottashed, VP Marketing - Imagen

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Frequently Asked Questions

Video can play a really important role in your internal communication materials.

A groundbreaking report from Gullup, called “The State Of The Workplace”, revealed that only 13 percent of employees feel 'engaged' at their workplace. This is a huge blow for internal communication departments who work relentlessly to tie together company values and learning in an engaging and informative way.

Internal communication videos are becoming increasingly commonplace, with Forbes reporting that 80% of executives are watching more video than they did a year ago, and 75% of executives reporting that they watch work related videos at least once a week.

So, why is video seen as the shining light to better engaged employees?

Well, video is scientifically proven to improve memory recall, increase engagement and boost viewership rate. In fact, according to Hubspot, video is the type of content that people pay the closest amount of attention to, with social media posts and news articles following closely behind. Long form business content delivered in PDFs and email chains are on the way out, with video leading the way.

Not only this, but video is highly effective at generating an emotional response in its audience. This means that by delivering a highly engaging video, you can bring your employees on board with transformational change, getting them excited about new processes and business values.

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There are many uses for video within your internal communication strategy, including:

1. Business change and transformation

Video has become an essential part of business change strategies, not only due to their effective way of communicating complex information, but also due to their emotional influence. This emotional impact can help win your audience's hearts and minds, and are more likely to get 'on board' with the change.

A great example of this is Spiel's work with banking giant HSBC. They were implementing a large change and transformation project across the bank, in partnership with Deloitte and Oracle, affecting how they procure. HSBC decided to hire us as their internal communication video company. Our initial challenge was to communicate exactly how the transformation would take place, and the strategy that will help implement this. We create a series of whiteboard animations targeting c-suite executives and procurement department heads. Once the first phase was agreed, they were then ready to launch across the bank.

Their primary issue was that, despite problems with their existing process, employees were still apprehensive to their new system, particularly as they were experiencing teething problems. Working with Spiel, we created a story from the perspective of the employee, and some of their experiences with the current set up. By instantly engaging the viewer to empathise with the lead character, the audience were more receptive to hearing how the new system can instrumentally benefit them and their business relationships.

2. Company Values Communication

When experiencing a high turnover rate, internal communication can play a huge role in increasing engagement and therefore staff retention. In fact, among the top four drivers for employee engagement according to CEB research are 'Connection Between Work and Organisational Strategy' and 'Internal Communication'.

When getting employees on board with your organisational strategy through effective internal communication, you are far more likely to retain your staff members. A great example of this is Spiel's work with St George.

St George commissioned Wild Organisations to work on a company-wide employee engagement strategy. The aim of this project was to address the high attrition rate within the organisation. Screened at a visions and values conference, the purpose of the video was to encourage employees at all levels to use the organisation's Vision and Values to guide their day-to-day decision-making. Spiel proposed communicating the Vision through a concise and engaging motion graphics animation. The animation required a warm tone, which does not patronise; clearly communicates the principles of the Vision and practicable behaviours, and will be enjoyable to watch by everyone from the C-suite down to entry level positions.

3. Staff on boarding

We know that internal communication and employee engagement play a huge part in how long a new employee stays with the company, with most companies losing out as much as 25% of their staff within the first 12 months.

While video can be a great medium for onboarding guides, training videos, safety regulations and documentation, it can and should also be used for creating a stronger connection between the employee and their new job. That can be an understanding of the team, how it functions and their role within the company, or wider company goals and values. The key thing is to show a clear pathway for career progression, inspiring and motivating new hires to contribute to the business' success!

4. IT Security

We all know that if IT Security communication is poorly executed, it can lead to monumental problems within a company. Not only does it have the highest risk of things going wrong, but it is also sometimes the hardest to communicate, with a lot of people adverse to technical jargon and due process.

Fortunately, internal communication videos can be a life saver for your IT department, being able to communicate complex information in an easy to digest way.

BNP Paribas were looking for an internal communication video company in London, and fortunately came across Spiel Creative.

BNP Paribas' IT security were facing a challenge when trying to educate their employees on how to correctly classify information and documents on Sharepoint. Having spent a lot of time and resources in producing extensive, information-heavy documents, they were still experiencing misclassification of documents. After a consultation with Spiel, BNP Paribas were advised to adopt a character led whiteboard animation to help with their internal communication. The video opens with the worst case scenario: Priya- an employee at the bank- loses her job as a consequence of misclassifying data on Sharepoint. This is called a 'hook' and ensured that the audience remained engaged for the remainder of the video. The whiteboard style was chosen following research into the cognitive effect of memory recall and learning experienced when watching information be live-drawn in front of you.

If you think you need a video to help bolster your internal comms, get in touch with our internal communication video company in London now on +44 208 891 2077.

Internal communication videos can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our internal communication video company in London has produced a number of internal communications videos in all styles, including:

Live Action

Live action video is essentially videos that are recorded in life, as opposed to animation. They can be piece-to-cameras from management and team members in leadership, interviews with key people, or just a more “promotional” video that shows your team and working environment.

Live action enables the viewer to see a real person, creating greater emotional and empathetic connection and adding a touch more personality to your internal communication videos.

2D Character Animations

These are a great way of showing a story and creating a bit more personable and humorous videos. 2D character animations are useful for when wanting to win hearts and minds, and can often show a common problem that your team faces.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard internal communication videos are a style of video that explains your subject matter by telling a story via an illustrator's hand drawing on a white background.

Whiteboards are one of the most popular styles of animation used for complex subject matters because they offer a much easier method of learning. In fact, our favourite neuroscientist Dr Richard Wiseman ran a comprehensive study to find out exactly how effective whiteboard explainer videos are.

The results?

He found that when compared to a standard talking head video, there was a whopping 15% increase in memory recall with over 92% of the viewers being able to retain the facts.

Motion Graphics

2D Motion Graphics explainer videos are animated videos similar to the 2D character animation, but instead of having a character lead the story we use dynamic text, data and iconography.

Motion graphics are an excellent way of conveying key findings of a study, or getting information across in an easy and fun way. Think of this style as an animated infographic video.

If you're unsure which style would suit your video, get in touch with our internal communication video company in London today to find out more. You can contact us via our form, or get straight through to our internal communication video company in London by dialling +44 208 891 2077.

The answer to this question depends on chosen style, duration of video and complexity of production. To give a general idea, though, a typical internal communication video can cost anywhere from £1,400 to £5,000.

To get a quote, contact our internal communication video company in London by filling in our quick form or calling us on +44 208 891 2077

We have a proven track record of producing hundreds of internal communication videos for some of the world's best brands. Some of our internal communication projects have included the likes of HSBC, BNP Paribas, EY, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, The Berkeley Group and many more.

Not only that, but we are able to produce these videos at affordable prices and quick turnarounds, ensuring you can meet your department's targets.

Being an internal communication video company in London. we're also available to meet with you to discuss where the video sits in your wider strategy.

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