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Here’s the problem you face: your product isn’t being easily understood by your customers.

This means that you’re losing sales from prospects that you know you can help. Not only this, you’re wasting precious time and money by repeatedly having to explain ‘how your product works’. Ultimately, all this is causing you unwanted stress, which isn’t good for your business or your peace of mind!

But luckily for you… there is a solution!

A demo video created in the right way will get your message across with ease. What’s more, your demo video will work tirelessly, as your on-demand sales rep, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So whilst sales continue to skyrocket….you’ll finally be able to ‘switch off’ and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Through years of experience, we’ve developed a battle-tested approach to producing demo videos, so that you can relax whilst we do the heavy lifting. In fact, we’re so confidence that we can help you that we’ll offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now to move your business forward!


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Frequently Asked Questions

A demo video is a video that perfectly captures exactly what your product is, how it works and how it can directly benefit its user.

Demo videos can be a simple how-to guide with step-by-step instructions to help new customers become more familiar with your product. These videos are essential to making your audience feel that they are in safe hands and turn new customers into repeat customers, saving your support team time and money.

But they can also be killer sales tools for a customer who is ready to make a purchase, but wants to see the product in action before taking that leap. For a demo video with this purpose in mind, it is absolutely essential to ensure that your demo video generates an emotional response in your audience and inspire them to make a purchase.

Our demo video company likes to say that demo videos are your 24/7 sales rep, as they can sit online and be watched anywhere at any time. They should be able to inform, engage, and compel your audience in the same way that any sales rep can.

So if you're ready to give your sales effort a boost, give our demo video company in London a call on +44 208 891 2077 or fill in our quick contact form!

Before writing out your product demo video script, you should first write a brief. This is an essential part of your scriptwriting process, and it's always good to have even if you choose to work with a demo video company. The brief should first cover exactly what you want your audience to think, feel and do. For example:

Should your audience think that the product is easy to use, feel inspired to use your product, and after watching the video click 'buy now'?

The brief should also include a skeleton, or outline, of your product demo script. This should be a simple bullet point of no more than two sentences each to provide the overall structure and content that you want to include.

Your brief can be written by yourself, before contacting a demo video company, but you could also meet with our demo video company in London to build this brief together.

The script can then start being written, fleshing out the skeleton written in the brief. Our demo video company will be able to write this script deploying battle-tested tactics proven to increase engagement and encourage action being taken. When writing your script, it's important to match your brief in terms of tone and delivery: for example, using emotional language to 'inspire' your audience, and using very simple language to match the 'easiness' of your product.

Once the script's first draft has been written, it's really important to both read it aloud to see if it flows well (and also sound conversational), and also to receive feedback from someone else.

If you are wanting help with your brief, or you would like a professional demo video company to write your script, you can call our demo video company in London on +44 208 891 2077 or fill in our contact form!

Many demo video companies will give vague, unclear answers to this question or give low numbers with secret bolt-ons that they will surprise you with further down the line.

That's why our demo video company believes in giving transparent, obligation-free quotes and specialise in coming up with great ideas that match your budget. That way, with us you know exactly what you're getting and at what price.

Our demo video company in London typically offers budgets that can range between £1,400 to £5,000 depending on duration, complexity and brief.

Want to get a quick quote today? Contact our demo video company now by filling out our easy contact form.

Demo videos can be either used as an after-purchase guide or a final how-to video to convince your audience to make a purchase. When it comes to the best demo videos in the world, they should first pique the audience's interest within the first few seconds, encouraging them to keep watching. They should then coherently explain exactly how the product works, with a clear demonstration of how this can benefit the end user. And by the end of the video the audience should have some kind of emotional reaction that inspires them to continue with a purchase, as ultimately, without the emotional reaction the demo videos will fail to get sales through or make new customers feel they have made the right choice.

Our Demo Video company in London has produced a blog listing our favourite demo videos of all time, which you can view here:

Our demo video company advises allowing up to 6 weeks for a demo video production. This allows enough time for scriptwriting, production and gives plenty of time for your feedback at each stage.

In a hurry? Our demo video company in London can give a specialised quote with a shorter time frame to meet your needs.

To receive a time frame and quote, get in touch with our demo video company in London by calling +44 208 891 2077 or fill in out quick form!

We're a demo video company in London that is able to meet with you to discuss your project with ease. We specialise in crafting high-impact demo videos that will boost your sales, all at an affordable price. This means that we will come up with great ideas that match your budget, rather than pitching grand, over-the-top-ideas that simply don't meet your needs. Not only this, but we have a fantastic track record of producing hundreds of demo videos for some of the world's very best brands.

So get in touch with our demo video company today!

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