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View Our Work Our mission is to inspire and shift perceptions through the creative use of visual content.
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We help brands inspire, engage and truly connect with their target audiences through the creative use of animation and visual content.

We are a leading explainer animation company located in London specialising in the production of high impact explainer videos.

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We Love Telling Stories that Inspire!

A good story can engage, inspire and shift perceptions. Our studio's mission is to tell such great stories for our clients! So whether you need tell the story of your organization, a product, service or mission you have set out to achieve, we'd love to help...

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Join the Spiel Team?

Join the Spiel Team?

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The Spiel Animation Production Process

Our explainer animation production process is managed by experts who provide in-depth understanding at each stage of the production. Our aim is to fuse commercial understanding and business insights with storytelling and creativity. From understanding your business objectives and setting measurable goals, all of our expertise goes into creating content which can truly deliver.

During the Pre-Production phase, we constantly work to your stated objectives, asking “how will the audience respond?” and “does this achieve the desired objective?” As we create the final product, we employ our expertise in audience engagement and content optimisation during the Production phase, to ensure that your campaign has content of the highest quality.

Afterwards, we consult to provide a clear direction on how your content can best be distributed and optimised for your target audience. Our core aim as an animation company is to produce measurable results and ensure that our work is hitting all the right notes.

  • Goal Setting

    1. Establishing Measurable
    2. Determining ROI
  • Discovery

    1. Research & Analysis
    2. Formulation of Key
    3. Story Plan & Treatment
  • Pre-Production

    1. Script Development
    2. Storyboard Creation
    3. Animatic & Artwork
  • Production

    1. Animation
    2. Voiceover
    3. Sound Design
  • Post-Production

    1. Executing Marketing
    2. Measuring Results
    3. Optimisation Based on
Agency Partnership Program

Agency Partnership Program?

Looking for an explainer animation company to partner with? We have successful longstanding partnerships with numerous leading creative, marketing, advertising and PR companies of all sizes. Our Agency Partnership Program is designed to meet your exact needs, so whether you prefer a white label or combined approach, we can flexibly adapt. To learn more about how we could work together or discuss a specific project you have in mind, why not give our London office a call today on 0208 891 2077?

Why Choose Spiel for your animated video?

Spiel redefines what it means to tell your story. Your story should win hearts, minds and win business. Your audience should be engaged, inspired and unable to turn away.

We are a animation studio based in London comprised of an award winning team, specialising in high impact explainer videos and creative digital content. Our approach employs the latest insights from the fields of user engagement, conversion optimisation and video marketing. We are commercially-focused, using analytics to drive measurable results. We work with companies of all sizes from global corporates to SME's and exciting new start-up's. Alongside working directly with brands, we regularly work in collaboration with creative agencies, video production companies and digital marketing agencies. Call us today to learn more.

Spiel FAQ
Animation Cost

How much will my animation cost?

The price of your explainer video will depend on a range of factors such as the depth of the discovery process required to craft the perfect solution, the style of artwork, type of animation and its duration. A high quality production from our animation studio can cost as little as £2,500. Our prices are below the industry average for the standard of work and ROI's we consistently deliver. To learn more and get an accurate quote for your project, get in touch with us today!

Which style of animation would be best for my explainer video?

There are a large variety of animation styles that you could potentially chose from for your animated video. Some of the more popular styles include whiteboard animation, motion graphics, 2D character animation and 3D animation. Then there are some more specialised styles such as stop motion animation which could also be viable options. At Spiel we have the capability to deliver any style that you may require. There are a number of factors which should be considered when choosing the ideal style for your video which include which type is likely to generate the most impact in relation to your business objectives, the likely preferences of your target audience, production time, cost and the ROI you are likely to achieve from the production. Our creative team will help ascertain the best style option for your explainer video based on your specific needs. So why not get in touch with our animation studio today for a quick, no obligation free consultation?

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